Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lost My Male Chastity Cage Key

Lost My Male Chastity Cage Key

I have a male chastity cage on right now and I have lost the damn key for it. I thought that I had put the key in my nightstand drawer but, after pulling the drawer out and flipping its contents onto the bed, I still can't find it. I have never lost the key for my cage before and this makes me wonder if I am either losing my mind or if someone crept into my house and took my key. I am leaning more to losing my mind as I doubt anyone would actually want to break into my house simply to take a chastity cage key out of a drawer and leave everything of value behind.

I have been missing my male chastity cage key for about three days now and have looked everywhere in the house. I simply can't understand where I might have placed that key and I am starting to get worried. I know everyone is thinking that I could simply cut the lock off and buy another one later on, but the device that I am wearing was made specifically to keep guys from doing that. It has an extra bit of metal that goes over the lock piece to keep you from tampering with it.

You see, I am going to be stuck in my male chastity cage for a very long time unless I go to the ER and have them take it off somehow. Since I would prefer that my name wasn’t put out in the paper because of doing something like this, I will have to simply accept my fate and live the rest of my life inside this cage. I guess it wouldn’t be all that bad to live in perpetual cock jail but then… wait a minute!

I know where my key is! I put it on my key ring when I went out of town last week. Ok, now, I’m really turning red.


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