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Male Chastity Slave Training

Male Chastity Slave Training

Part III

Once she had found the best fitting male chastity device, she slid the cock ring over my shaft and gently pulled my balls through it. Then she slid the cage over my cock and lined it up with the cock ring. Finally, she pushed the locking spacer into place and then slid the lock through it and clicked it all into place. My very first adventure into the world of being a chastity slave was about to begin and I was eagerly awaiting my training.

Now I wasn’t exactly sure how this was all going to work out. I knew that she was going to take it easy on me, and by my surroundings, I could pretty much tell that I wasn’t going to be chained up to anything and whipped into submission. That didn’t stop me from being still a bit confused as to what was going to be expected of me. I stood there with my cock inside this metal cage and she stood up in front of me, smiling that sexy little smile. She told me that I was doing very well so far, but there was something she needed to do before we started.

She walked to the other side of the room and behind a wall hanging, there was another door. She opened it and disappeared inside leaving me and my male chastity device standing at the foot of the bed waiting for her. After about ten minutes, she came back out of the closet in completely different attire from that sexy bikini she had on at the pool when I first saw her. Now she was wearing something more akin to Lady Death of comic book fame.

She had a rather small bikini-like top on that had metal skull and crossbones over the tops of the nipples. The bikini bottom was an extreme looking thong that just barely covered her pussy in front and left nothing to the imagination in the back. The sides were pulled up high over the tops of her hips and so thin that you almost couldn’t see them. On the front of that bikini thong bottom was another larger skull without the crossbones added in. It also appeared that the eye sockets of the skulls all had rubies or some other red gemstone set inside them.

On her back was a long flowing black cape with a leather trim and collar to it. The thong and top matched the color of the cape as did her thigh high black latex boots. The three inch heels made a click sound as she walked across the hardwood floor that ended up making my heart beat a bit faster. That, in turn, made the blood flow through my cock, and as it started to get excited at seeing her sauntering towards it, it pushed against that male chastity cage with a steady pulse.

She reached behind her and pulled on some very sexy black latex gloves over her hands and sat at the foot of the bed. I smiled at her for the sheer sexiness that she was allowing me to witness, but that wasn’t what she wanted from me. She reached out and slapped my cage with one hand as she motioned with the other hand to get on the floor in front of her. She said, in a rather commanding voice, that my training had started and there would be no smiling going on unless she specifically told me to smile.

I dropped to my knees in front of her as she lifted one of her booted feet towards my face. She told me that I was going to make sure that her boots were completely clean. I was to inspect them, and if there were any blemishes or scuff marks present, that I was going to take care of it. It all seemed a bit odd to me at that moment as I looked over her boots. I figured that she had probably put a couple finger prints on them or something while she was in the closet and if I didn’t find them I would get into some kind of trouble.

My male chastity cage wasn’t pushing against my cock any longer as I searched over her boots for any signs of smudges or marks that weren’t supposed to be there. I looked over the right boot and didn’t seem to find anything at all. I thought that there was a good chance that I was going to pass this little test of hers as I gently picked up her left foot and noticed a small smudge on the outside of the calf. Then, I looked around for something to clean it with.

She looked down at me disapprovingly as I glanced around the room for something to clean the smudge off her boot with. She asked me what I was doing and when I told her that I had, indeed, found a smudge but couldn’t seem to find anything to clean it off with, she pushed my face towards her boot and whispered “tongue”. I got the idea rather quickly and ran my tongue across the smudge on her calf. I felt small in attempting to clean her boot with my tongue, but I also felt an excitement that I had never had before.

Once my tongue had licked over the blemish on her boot, I rubbed my forearm against it gently to clean off my saliva. I didn’t want to get in trouble for cleaning a small smudge and leaving an even larger one there after all. I am a fairly quick learner when it comes down to it and I knew that was going to end up getting her upset. As I rubbed my forearm against the calf of her boot, I could hear her let out a small little moan. I risked a quick glance up and saw her head tilt back ever so slightly as she closed her eyes.

Now, I am not at this time a professional in the ways of being a male chastity slave, but I took this as a good sign. I figured that I had done something right since she wasn’t barking orders at me or forcing my face back into her boot again. I am not sure what kind of sensation she was getting from me rubbing my arm against her latex boot, but she was experiencing something regardless. Once the smudge was gone and her boots seemed to be in pristine condition, she stood up in front of me again.

She informed me that the suit she was wearing was specifically designed to allow certain slaves access to specific areas as a reward for pleasing her. By making sure that her boots were shiny and clean, I was going to be allowed access to one of those areas. In appreciation, I was to take some time and pay close attention to the area that she was revealing to me. All I could think of, with her sweet smelling pussy mere inches from my face, was that I was going to be paying a lot of attention to her clit at that moment.

Instead, she pulled me up and removed the right skull and crossbones from her top. As soon as it was removed, I could see her pierced nipple sticking out perfectly hard and straight. My male chastity device suddenly became very tight around my cock as it throbbed back to life again. It wasn’t painful at all, but it did let me know that it wasn’t going to allow my cock to get any bigger than it already was, and I would have to do whatever I could to keep it that way.

I gingerly looked into her eyes as I brought my index finger up to her now exposed nipple. The first thing I did was gently pinch her exposed nipple in the hopes that I would get another gentle moan to seep through her lips. Then I pushed, just a bit, and rubbed my finger around in a small circle. I was watching her as she closed her eyes and started to breathe a bit heavier while my fingers worked their magic on her nipple. I could tell she was enjoying herself as she reached over and removed the other skull releasing her left nipple for me.

I reached my other hand up and did the exact same thing that I was doing to her right nipple. She moaned a little loader that time and managed to let her head slip back just a bit. Her golden hair sliding over her shoulders as she did so. Then, I felt her right hand slide up my back, over my shoulder, and up the back of my head. Her fingers twisting into my hair as she pulled my head towards her chest.

At this point in time, my cock was doing everything it could to break through that metal male chastity device I was wearing. The pain was becoming more pronounced with every throb that my cock produced, and it was getting difficult to think about anything other than my cock. Of course the nipple that was being pushed into my mouth at that moment did manage to take my mind off the pain that I was feeling around my cock. But I pushed through everything that was happening to me and started running my tongue back and forth against her rather erect nipple.

The more I sucked and licked on her nipples the hotter she seemed to get. I figured that if this was all I had to do with being a chastity slave, then it wouldn’t be long before I was ripping this cage off and giving her a really good fuck. Of course she had a completely different idea as to what was going to happen, but refrained from mentioning anything about it to me at the time. In fact, she wasn’t saying much of anything at the time, and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing next.

Granted, I was in a basement sex temple with a very hot woman running my tongue over her nipples and wearing a male chastity device, but even with all that wonderful greatness around me I still had no idea where I was supposed to take my talents next. But I got the distinct impression that she was in charge and I would be following her lead in everything that I did from now on. Of course, her grabbing my head and falling back onto the bed told me a lot as well. It was the strangest thing in the world to be physically pleasing this woman that I didn’t know without being able to use my cock.

When all was said and done, I ended up having her completely stripped of all clothing and laying spread eagle on that sensual bed. I was using my tongue to probe the sweet depths of her pussy in ways that even I was unaware of doing, and the entire time, I was wearing a male chastity device. I made her cum so many times that I almost thought that she would completely dry up and blow away like dust in the wind. Fortunately, that isn't even close to happening even after all this time with her.

I have been her chastity slave for a while now, and while I wasn’t able to get my device taken off the first couple of times that we were together, I have been able to enjoy her presence without it since then. You would be amazed at how generous she can get after I have spent a few hours pleasing her with my male chastity cage in place. In fact, I was amazed that I could actually last long enough to make her cum as many times as I did, or for me to cum that many times after getting the privilege of taking my cage off. This is when I realized that what I was missing in my life was someone like her and the lifestyle that I am currently leading.
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