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Male Chastity Slave Aspects

Male Chastity Slave Aspects

There are numerous aspects to having a male chastity slave to do your bidding. In fact, the amount of fun you can have with your own slave is probably one of the top reasons why I prefer this type of lifestyle over any other that I have dabbled in before. These guys are willing to do things that other guys wouldn’t even consider doing, and that allows my imagination to run wild. There is nothing better than letting your imagination run wild and having someone there that will allow you to do that on a regular basis.

The guys that I have as chastity slaves let me do all kinds of things to them in the hopes that they are going to get their cages taken off. Now, I don’t always let them free every time, but when I do, they get to have a lot of fun as well. There is something about a man that is restrained from getting an erection that can really blow your mind in bed when they are finally allowed to let it free. That is the type of sexual encounter that any man or woman would be more than happy to experience on a regular basis.

One thing that you will need to keep in mind with your male chastity slave is that you don’t overdo it and ask them to do things you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself. I think that is one of the things that made me pass the BDSM lifestyle up completely. I dabbled in it for a bit, but when it came time for me to do things to the slaves that I wouldn’t enjoy having done to me, I felt it was time to let that lifestyle fade away into my past without a second look.

I always make sure that I know what the chastity slaves I keep are going to be willing to do and where they are going to end up drawing the line. I don’t want to overstep their boundaries any more than they want to disappoint me. I find that having a good relationship with these slaves, means that the sexual encounters are going to be that much more exciting for both of us. Thankfully, the chastity slaves that I keep around are willing to do pretty much anything I want, which makes things a lot easier on both of us.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can't throw in something completely outrageous from time to time just to keep them on their toes. I like to throw out the impossible every once in a while to make sure that my slaves are still trying to make me happy. If I ask them to do something that I know they can't possibly succeed at, and they still attempt to make it a reality, then I know that they are interested in making me happy no matter what. If they just laugh at me and tell me they can't do it, then I know it’s time to start looking around for another slave to keep.

I have actually gone through quite a few male chastity slaves in that way over the years. The good thing is that there are always more slaves right around the corner that I can pick up and train. There doesn’t seem to be any end to the amount of guys that are willing to have a chastity device placed over their cocks and forced to do strange and unusual things just to see me smile in appreciation of their efforts.

One of my past slaves spent the entire time we were together cleaning my house in the nude. I loved watching him on all fours as he used a toothbrush to clean my tile. That was probably one of the better slaves that I have had in my lifetime as a slave owner. He never seemed to get upset about not having the cage taken off, either. In fact, I think he wanted to wear the cage more than anything else, which is part of the reason I had to let him go. I love having a chastity slave at my bidding, but a girl wants some hard cock once in a while as well.

I find it rather difficult to keep a slave around if I am not going to be getting something out of it for when they get to take their cage off. In fact, that is the one thing I am actually looking forward to after keeping them locked up for weeks on end. If they aren't willing to give me a good hard fucking with their newly freed cock, then there really isn't much need in having them as a slave for so long. But to each his own, I guess.

I find that if a guy wants to wear his male chastity device all the time and not give it up once in a while to have some real fun, then they can do that at home on their own time. They don’t need to come to me and waste my time in trying to train them for what I eventually want to have happen. Although these guys are still willing to please me while they are wearing their devices, I just find it remarkably awkward when they finally get the chance to take their cage off to fuck me the way they should and they decline the offer.

But as a chastity slave owner I have come to accept the fact that there are a lot of guys in the world that feel this way. They love being caged and forced to do things for me, but the sexual aspect of penetration seems to bother them for some reason. What is really interesting is the fact that they have no issues with any other sexual aspects that I might request of them that doesn’t involve them having an erection. Even the teasing that I do to try to get them hard in their cage doesn’t bother them.

Then, you will have those guys that are wearing a male chastity device for you and all they can do is whine and moan because they are getting an erection every fifteen seconds. These are the slaves that I really enjoy messing around with simply because it’s so easy to put them into pain. The best method of getting them to wince is when I am walking around completely naked in front of them. They can't keep their eyes off of me, but every time they look up, their cocks start to become hard.

Then I sit down in front of them and make them paint my toe nails. They will have to sit on the floor in front of me and I always spread my legs open nice and wide for them. Every little glance they take shows them my wet pussy, and it drives them wild. Once they get about half way through with painting the nails on one foot, I start to slowly masturbate in front of them just to drive the point home a bit deeper. That is when they can't take anymore and they try to turn away.

Of course, they are my male chastity slaves and they have to finish the tasks that I have given them so they can't turn around completely and ignore what I am doing. That always brings a smile to my face every single time. The looks that they give me are unreal and I always get off knowing that there is nothing they can do about any of it. They have to sit there and watch me masturbating, and I get to laugh at them every time that look of pain shoots across their faces. Nothing is better than that.

Once those guys start getting used to my little antics, I have to up the ante a bit. That is when I start making them finger me until I cum. If they are able to do that little task without stopping out of discomfort, then I allow them to take their cage off for a bit. Of course, it usually takes them a few tries before they are capable of getting me off without any hassles. But when they finally manage to make their way through it, the reward they end up with is something that ends up making both of us happy.

You can't expect every guy in the world to be willing to wear a male chastity device and stay calm the entire time. Some of them will freak out from once in a while because of the frustration that they have building up inside them. You have to understand where they are coming from and make them understand that the ends justify the means when it comes to sex. They can't just be given the key in order to make them feel better or they would never have to wear that chastity device again. But you shouldn’t force them to do all those things for you without giving them some kind of reward for all their hard work. It’s the prize at the end of the tunnel that really drives them to be the best possible slave, and that is what you want to foster within them.
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