Thursday, December 6, 2012

Male Chastity Erection Control

Male Chastity Erection Control

One of the best things about wearing a male chastity device is the fact that I can go anywhere I want without having to worry about people seeing my erections. I am one of those guys that can't seem to go anywhere in public without showing off my hard cock under my clothing. It happens every time I walk out the door and, for the longest time, I would do whatever I could to stay in the house because of the embarrassment that always followed. Then, I found out that I could control my erections by wearing a simple device lock over my cock.

Ever since I was a teenager I would end up getting an erection at the worst possible time. I'm not just talking about getting hard while your doctor is giving you a physical, either, although that happens every time I go to a doctor or dentist. I know that the dentist doesn’t have anything to do with a physical, but just sitting there makes my cock hard and that can distract your dentist, which is never a good thing to have happen. Especially if your dentist is holding a drill in your mouth when he or she finally notices your cock.

Before I started wearing my male chastity device in public, I was getting an erection just standing in line at the grocery store or waiting for the bus. I guess it wouldn’t be all that bad except for the fact that I have a ten inch cock and when it gets hard there is nothing going to stop people from seeing it. One second I’m standing there minding my own business and the next second the front of my pants start to push out and everyone around me sees just how big my cock can actually get.

Now it has come in handy on occasions since some people get turned on when they see how big I am, but there are a lot of other people that get pretty upset about seeing something like that. You should have seen the look on the cop’s face that had to pat me down one night. He was going down the front of my legs with his hands and almost got his eye poked out. Thankfully, I didn’t get the ticket, but I didn’t exactly make a new friend that night as he immediately started to mention how he wasn’t gay.

Now finding the right sized male chastity device to fit something as large as my cock isn't one of the easiest things to do, either. I had to go through quite a lot of styles and different designs before I could find one that would fit me comfortably. I'm sure that the averaged sized man wouldn’t have to worry as much as I did when picking my device out, but you should still take into consideration what you are trying to put into that cage and how it’s going to feel once you lock it in place.

I have been wearing my device for a few months now and it’s been a huge relief to be able to go out in public without worrying about whether or not I'm going to be getting an erection. I'm pretty sure the old lady down at the post office is happy that I am wearing something like this now as well. I almost gave her a heart attack about a year ago when I was bringing in a bunch of packages to send to family across the country. The second trip I made with my arms full showed off everything below the waist perfectly.

I have started to notice that I'm not getting as many dates as I used to since wearing my male chastity device, but that isn't such a bad thing, either. Before the cage, I was getting two or three dates a week by curious individuals that were more interested in what I was packing between my legs than anything else. Now, I find that I am dating people that are more curious about me as a person and not the size of my cock. Of course, this means I'm not having quite as much sex as I was before, but that is okay, too.

I do tend to take my device off when I am at home and there is no one around me. I know that goes against the whole code of conduct for wearing a chastity device, but I don’t have any issues getting an erection when I am totally alone. But whenever someone comes over, I tend to excuse myself to the restroom for a few minutes and put my device on secretly so that I don’t suddenly surprise them with something they probably don’t want to see in the first place.

I have had a few close calls with my male chastity device that I would prefer to not have to go through again. The first close call was around two or three days after I first started wearing the device. I was walking through the mall when my cock started to get hard inside my cage. It was the first time I had worn the cage out in public, and I had no idea what was going to happen if I ended up getting an erection inside of it. I immediately ran for the bathroom in the hopes that I didn’t hurt myself or break the device in general.

Once in the stall, I took my pants down to see what was going to happen. I could feel the pressure that the cage was creating as my cock kept trying to get hard, and then the pressure started to turn into pain as parts of my cock were beginning to bulge out through the open spaces in the cage. It’s a bit difficult to describe what that looked and felt like to anyone that has never worn something like this, but I will tell you that it wasn’t very pleasant on my part.

After about ten minutes, the feeling subsided and I was able to walk out of the bathroom and head home for the day. I wasn’t so sure about wearing that male chastity device out in public anymore if that was what was going to be happening to me every time I went out. But I figure the only way I was going to be able to control it is to make myself get hard while wearing the cage, and that is what I set out to do. The next few days were dedicated to watching porn in my own home.

After watching porn videos for about three days I found that I could walk around without getting an erection even when the porn was playing. That made me feel pretty good since I have a low threshold when it comes to porn. I can hear moaning from the television in the next room and get an image in my mind that sets my cock to hard mode instantly. So being able to watch these videos and maintain an erection free moment was something of a surprise to me. I just needed to try it out in public once again to see if it all worked out.

The next time I took my male chastity device out in public with me I went to the library to do some research. Now, I go to the library all the time and as long as it isn't all that crowded and I can find an aisle that no one is in, I am pretty good at keeping my cock under control. I can get lost in my research and not have to worry about turning around and knocking books off the shelf across from me.

I was hoping that wearing this chastity device was going to mean that I could actually look for research books in other parts of the library from now on, but that isn't exactly what happened. The first thing I did was get into the elevator to go to the sub-basement where the research books were located and all hell broke loose. There were three women in that elevator that were sexy as hell, and I was in a metal cage. That is when the pain really hit me and I doubled over in agony as they stood there staring at me like I was either nuts or having intestinal issues.

Needless to say, it took me another week at home before I could wear my male chastity device out in public again. But now that I am used to wearing it, I haven’t had any issues like I had had before. In fact, I enjoy going out as much as I possibly can these days, and I don’t even have the issues of the pressure or pain that I had felt in the past. I almost feel like a normal guy these days and have started planning trips to the beach and various other locations so that I can see just how the other half of the world tends to live. Maybe someday I will get to go to Super Bowl game or some mega concert with thousands of other people just to experience it all without having an erection ruin it.
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