Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Male Chastity Story

A Male Chastity Story

I would like to tell you a little story. It’s probably one that you have heard, in part, before or may have even lived on your own terms. This is the story of how I finally became the man that I am today all thanks to a simple device called a male chastity cage. But before I tell you about the man that I am right now, I need to go back into my past and tell you what kind of man, or boy rather, that I used to be.

My childhood was a rather average one as I remember it. There wasn’t anything special about me and I was rather small by everyone's standards. I never really gained any weight while I was growing up and getting taller was one of those things that I always dreamt of doing even though I knew it wasn’t ever going to happen. My entire family is short in stature and I knew that I was cursed with that short gene as well. There was nothing I could do about that, and being the smallest kid in school meant I had to settle with being the funniest kid if I was going to get any attention other than being picked on daily.

Back then, I didn’t really know what sex was all about, let alone what a male chastity cage was or what it would be used for. I was content to watch Saturday morning cartoons and go to school and that was all the worries I ever had. There were good times and there were bad times growing up and I remember them all fairly well even now. But the sense of humor that I had garnered lead me to be one of the most popular kids in school, regardless of what anyone else might think.

It was easy for me to gain friends from all cliques in school. I hung out with just about anyone and never had any reason to get into any fights. When I finally got to high school, I found that things were changing drastically on a day to day basis and I felt a little bit out of place at times. I started hanging out with the “wrong crowd” that everyone else tried to avoid to the best of their ability. But I still managed to keep my humor, and my friends, while maintaining above average grades.

Graduation came and went with the real world beckoning me into its fold. I started to pay a bit more attention to the sex aspect of life, but still had never heard or seen anything about the male chastity lifestyle. That little secret corner of life had stayed hidden from me for a few more years until I really needed it, I suppose. I got a job, one that I hated with a passion, and did my best to do the normal things in life like start a family and save for retirement.

With everything changing in my life, I found that I had grown apart from those friends that I held so dear to my heart. The things I learned in school turned out to be things that I didn’t really need to know in my adult life, but I was thankful for the knowledge anyway. Above all else, I had kept that sense of humor with me even if it was starting to turn a bit more into sarcasm rather than the constant barrage of fart jokes that I used to keep tucked away in the recesses of my mind.

I quit my job and found another that was more suitable to me. I quit that one and found one that I was so not trained to do that it wasn’t even funny. My sexual progress turned to fetishes that didn’t involve male chastity, and I learned quite a few things in the process. My humor was getting a bit darker the older I got and my sarcasm had a stronger bite to it. I often found myself wondering why I wasn’t as popular as I used to be and the couple of friends that I had would rarely laugh at the things I said anymore.

I ended up being very good at the job I wasn’t trained for and ended up with a couple of promotions. The last of my friends stabbed me in the back and walked out of my life forever. I could tell that things around me were starting to get a bit darker as if the light of life was fading dimly into the background. I spent more time in my office doing paper work and the only jokes I told were to myself while sitting in front of the television every night watching some reality show that made no sense.

Drinking started to become a nightly habit with me and the job that I had gotten the promotions for was soon outsourced. I was laid off and that issue of never gaining weight reversed itself quite drastically. I was thirty years old and living in a small studio apartment by myself and I even found my own jokes to be ridiculous and boring. I wanted to change my life, but wasn’t sure what to start with or where to go with it by now. All I knew is that popular funny short kid in school had left me behind and I felt lost.

All of that led me to meet a very special woman in my life. She is the one that turned me on to male chastity and she is the one that helped change my life into something better. It was as if I had been pointed in her direction so that I could see where I was going wrong with the way I had lived my life up until that moment. She was the shining beacon of light that every sailor hopes for on a fog ridden sea looking for a port of harbor to settle in.

When I first met her, I was stunned at her beauty. She was by far the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my entire life and gets better with every passing second. I found myself staring at her in the grocery store one day as she was picking out instant mashed potatoes for her dinner. I mentioned that real mashed potatoes are fairly easy to make and I would be more than happy to mash hers if she wanted. That joke brought the best laugh I had ever heard before, even better than when my friend Timmy shot milk out of his nose in grade school.

The smile she gave me was one that flipped a switch in my head. She told me that she would love to have me mash her potatoes, but I had to do something for her first. We walked back to her place and she showed me the male chastity device that I have been wearing for the last five years. I wasn’t sure what it was or how to wear it, but I knew that I was in love and would do anything for this woman from that moment on.

It has been five years since I first met my wife and I have been the happiest man the world has ever seen. My sarcasm is witty and my humor is a bit more high-brow than the fart jokes I used as a kid, although nothing beats a well-timed fart joke. I have lost the weight that was settling around my midsection and gained quite a good bit of muscle to replace it with. The job I have now is one of the best I have ever had and my third raise and promotion has come through this last week, finally giving me that corner office I have been eyeing for two years.

I know a lot more about sex than I had ever imagined before, all due to the male chastity device that I wear now. My wife tells me that she is pleased beyond belief on a daily basis with me and everything else in her life. Some of my old friends moved in a couple houses down after they got married and we now spend all of our free time together with our families. Life has turned around so completely for me that I never thought it could actually be this good.

My story is simple in nature and, like I said, most guys have heard of it happening or lived some of it themselves. The one thing that I want you all to know is that if I hadn’t taken the chance and tried something I never thought I would have, then I would probably still be living in that shadow that I called a life before meeting her. Sure, I ended up being put into a male chastity cage after ten minutes of being in her apartment, but those are the ten most wonderful minutes of my life because I finally found what I needed in order to change my life for the better. The chastity device was just the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned, and something that I needed in order to truly take control back in my life.
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