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Male Chastity Torture

Male Chastity Torture

One of the most interesting things about male chastity slave ownership is the act of making your slaves miserable in a sexual manner. Now this takes some practice to get right, but once you find out exactly what you need to do, there is nothing that these slaves won't do for you. I have one that cooks my dinner in the nude for me every single night simply because I know the proper way of using prostate massage to make him feel special. Sure, it might not be something that you want to do on a regular basis, but it will give you a bunch of benefits if you do.

Using sexual torture isn't about pain or humiliation for most guys. This is especially true when it comes to most guys wearing a chastity cage for long periods of time. They get enough humiliation and pain while they are wearing their devices, so you don’t really need to add to that if you can help it. Some guys will enjoy it, but you need to make sure you ask them ahead of time to make sure they are into the pain and humiliation aspect of sexual play.

Now the most important thing about sex play while wearing a male chastity device is the prostate massage. If you do this right, they will cum and cum every single time. It is also helpful to release the seminal fluid that builds up in the prostate so that they don’t end up getting an infection or anything. If you are going to have your slaves wearing a chastity device for long periods of time, you are going to need to do this at least once a week just to be on the safe side. If they are wearing them for short periods of time, then you won't need to worry about it that much.

But there are other aspects of sexual play that you are going to get to try out that will torture them in a good way. Naturally, most of this is going to be happening to you. Whether you are a female with slaves or a male with slaves, you are going to end up with quite a lot of oral sex in your future. This is one of those chastity benefits that you are going to really enjoy no matter what you might think about it.

But oral sex isn't the only thing you are going to be getting a lot of with your male chastity slaves. The use of toys is a huge aspect of this lifestyle. You are going to get to use all kinds of toys for your sexual pleasure and your slave is going to have to learn the proper way of using them on you. After all, it is you that needs to be pleased in order for your slave to earn the right to take the chastity cage off his cock. If he can't use them right then, he is stuck in that cage for as long as it takes.

It’s a good idea to take your slave through your toys and how you like to use them before giving him control of them. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have had to stop a session because the slave was unaware of the proper use of a vibrator. For some reason, most guys think that just because something is phallic shaped that it means that it has to be immediately inserted in a penetrating aspect. It vibrates for a reason and every girl knows that the clit wants what the clit wants; there is no way of getting around that.

To be safe, it pays to make sure that your male chastity slave knows what he is doing ahead of time. This is the time when you get to have him sit there and watch you using your toys on yourself. Not only are you going to get the best orgasm ever, but he is going to be tortured beyond belief because of it. This is one of the best torture techniques you can use on your chastity slave, too. They have to sit there and watch you please yourself and they can't do anything to help.

You will have to make sure that what you are doing to yourself in front of them makes you reach the highest possible orgasm you can reach, though. They need to know what it’s like when you are fully pleased, and if you don’t manage that, they will assume they are doing a good job no matter what. You want them to work for their freedom and nothing less or you will regret your decision to get involved in this lifestyle in the first place. This isn't something that most guys can just do without any training, either.

Now if you are lucky enough to find a male chastity slave that understands the aspect of making a woman orgasm, then you have hit the jackpot. You won't really have to train them very much at all in the way of making you happy, but you are still going to have to train them in the proper use of wearing that device of theirs. Even if they do understand the complexities of the female body, they are still going to have issues with the male body being locked up inside a device that rejects the possibility of an erection.

These guys are literally yours to use as you see fit, but it’s always a good idea to make sure that you keep your sense of reality in check. You don’t want to go overboard on your sexual torture of these guys because it can change the aspect of your lifestyle in some pretty dramatic ways. You want to have as much fun as you can on a sexual level so that the rest of your life will seem to fit into place. If you take something like chastity slaves to a darker level, then it’s going to affect your life as well.

The proper way of dealing with a male chastity slave that isn't pulling their weight is to punish them in a way that makes them think twice. Now, in the BDSM world, that punishment will induce a lot of pain. In the chastity lifestyle, it’s not about the amount of pain that you can deal to your slave, but it is more about the way that you treat them so that they understand they aren't going to get the device taken off. This is much more painful on an emotional aspect for them and quite useful in training them.

You don’t have to worry about constantly punishing your chastity slaves in the same way that you do with other slave based sexual lifestyles. I found that dealing with male chastity slaves is much easier because they enjoy the punishment they are getting from their devices, and you don’t have to go out and purchase all different kinds of items to deal pain. Instead, you get to enjoy your time together and you can start to learn what each of you are seeking to experience with this type of lifestyle.

It’s something that you just can't do with other fetishes. You can try to experience whatever fetish you want to, but you will end up finding your way to this chastity lifestyle. Once you delve into the information that is online, you will find that this is the best possible fetish to be involved in no matter if you are male or female. Granted, I tend to get the best aspects of it since they are the ones wearing the chastity devices, but they are also going to enjoy it. The amount of sexual contact they can get from this lifestyle is higher than any other fetish I have been a part of.

Some people may look at this fetish as something they should stay away from. But male chastity is something that everyone should at least think about trying. Even couples that are in a loving relationship can benefit from this type of fetish. Actually, I have dealt with my fair share of married men that wore these chastity devices for their wives. I would have their wives come in without their husbands and explain to them, in great detail, what I would be doing with their husband to make sure they were okay with what they were getting involved in.

I have had a few wives decide that what I was going to do with their husbands was not something they wanted to be a part of and I would share training techniques with them so that they could do these things at their own home. You would be amazed at how many of those wives have called me up over the years and thanked me for helping them with their relationships. They have even learned a few things that I never thought of and imparted some of that knowledge to me in order to use it with my own slaves during our sessions. It’s really a wonderful thing when people can come together and share happiness even if it is from a sexualized fetish like male chastity.

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