Saturday, April 5, 2014

Male chastity cage and a new world of anal sex

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This was my first enema and I was surprised that it felt good. He had me get up after a few minutes and sit on the toilet. Needless to say anything inside of me came pouring out. He had me lay down again and repeated the warm water enema. A few minutes later I sat on the toilet again but this time is was virtually clear water coming out of me. Steve told me to take a quick rinse in the shower and I would be ready.  I was all cleaned up inside and out, though I was nervous I was excited just by the notion of possibly having an orgasm. I was wearing a plastic

clear male chastity cage this is the type you can shower in and clean easily so if I did cum it would be simple to get rid of the evidence. Steve led my over to the bed and said he would massage me first to relax me. That sounded great, I never turn down a massage! His hands felt like magic going over my naked body it did not take him long to strip off his clothing unfortunately we both had a male chastity cage on, his was a beautiful stainless steel model. With Steve’s soft hands my cock tried to get hard, it filled the cage to its maximum but then it was out of room. I tried to relax and enjoy the rub down. When he got down to my ass I knew it would get special attention but I had no idea how special that attention would be. He started lightly rubbing his fingers around my hole and before I knew what was happening he was kissing me down there. That was amazing. Has great as that was he took it to another level by French kissing me there. He was burying his tongue inside of me grabbing my cheeks and spreading them open as wide as he could to push his tongue deeper and deeper. It only took a minute or so before the pre-cum was liberally flowing from my cock. By that time my cock was no longer ragging hard in the male chastity cage. It had settled down and actually got kind of small. My guess was that since all the action was taking place in my ass hole and all the blood left the cock to get in on the action there.

Sorry long post but I hope you are enjoying my fun.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Male chastity cage and going with anal sex

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I asked Steve what he meant by teaching me and he said he would start by using his fingers then toys and if I was ready and interested he had both male and female friends who are into performing anal sex on cute guys. The women as you might guess wear strap-on dildos. I could do all of the above while still wearing my male chastity cage. Most male chastity cage designs will not allow you to get hard but there are some that do. Like many men who are kept in chastity I have a nice collection of male chastity cage designs and I am free to wear whichever I want unless my girlfriend wants me to wear something in particular. I have a few that will let me get fully hard in them. I am only slightly over 4” fully erect which turned out to be great for me.  I decided to take Steve up on his offer. I said this would be the first time doing anything anal and Steve said don’t worry we will go slow and you will enjoy it. I was over his place and asked when he wanted to start, whenever you are ready he replayed, we can start now.  Steve was a close friend and he too was kept wearing a chastity cage. I was not embarrassed to be nude in front of him because often we would compare cages and even sunbath in the buff when our girlfriends would allow it. OK let’s do it I said. I was nervous but excited to try something new especially if I could have an orgasm. Let’s start by undressing you and Steve took my clothing off and then removed his own. The first thing we need to do is lay you down and clean you out. Have you ever had an enema before? NO I have not does it hurt. He laughed and said nothing he would do would hurt me it would all feel good. He took me to the bathroom, put a towel on the floor and had me lay down on it on my side. He pulled a large bulb from under the sink with a plastic tip about 5” long.  He ran the water until it was warm and said always warm never hot! He took out some lube and rubbed it around my hole and lightly inside of me with his finger. He was very gentle and it did feel nice. He took the syringe filled with warm water and slowly slid it all the way inside of me. You will feel the water going in but just relax. He squeezed the bottle and filled me with all the water in it. Now just relax and we will leave the water in you for a few minutes. While he did that he was rubbing my ass and running his fingers lightly over my hole.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Male chastity cage and additional precautions

The male chastity cage is the most effective form of sexual control out there but sometimes it takes more than a male chastity cage to do the job. The reason for this is anal sex. You might think that is not a problem for straight men but you would be wrong. Yes there is no doubt that gay male chastity men need more forms of sex denial than just a cock cage. They will need an anal lock. That is a plug that works with a cock cage to keep the wearer from engaging in anal sex. The thing is when you are training a straight male for a life of chastity some of them become very clever and realize that they can get off and orgasm by having anal sex and they will never get caught because their Mistress, wife or girlfriend would never consider it. If you look at some of the postings on chastity blogs you see this is a growing problem, straight men having anal sex to get off. I can tell you from experience that it is true.  I am straight and have lived the chastity lifestyle for three years. There seemed to be no way out for me and I wanted to have more sex then what my girlfriend was allowing me to have. A male friend suggested I try anal sex. I told him that would never happen. He explained that a friend of his got him into it and it was an amazing way to get off without being caught. He even offered to teach me. Having all the sex I wanted sounded good but could I have an orgasm doing anal sex I asked. He said you can have multiple orgasms just like the girls do, it is amazing.

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This is a metal Ass Spark ass lock that can be used with most chastity cock cages to prevent anal sex.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Male chastity cage and the small penis beach day continued from earlier post

The water was cold but we bodysurfed and played around in the water. Janice and Payton are Stacy’s friends but the three of us are very tight. We have a great time together which bugs the shit out of Stacy. In the water we even played with each other. They love rubbing up against me and a number of times we have had sex together. The girls are bisexual which I enjoy and they would never say a thing to Stacy. That would be it for me she would probably make me have a sex change! I made sure to stop fooling around well before we got out of the water because if I came out with an erection I would be busted. That was no problem because the water was so cold I think my bulge was no larger than the girls when we all got out. We got back to the girls and then I was blindsided. Katie said time to measure. I had no idea what she was talking about but Stacy told me to slip down my bikini so they could measure my penis. I did it without thinking and Katie put a pen next to my shaft. It was so cold in the water that my shaft looked like it was about ½” I don’t think it was any bigger. Katie smiled and said you can measure me and she slid down her bottoms and exposed a huge Labia. I started to measure and she said hold on and she seemed to unfurl it like a flag. It was at least three times the length of my shaft. It was not even close. She pulled back her clit hood and exposed what looked like a tiny penis. I had never seen anything like it. It was her clitoris and it looked like a small penis. She said her clit was about the same size as my penis and it was just about as long. I found out later that female bodybuilders who use steroids and testosterone get huge clits and their Labia can grow to 3” plus. She knew all along that she would beat me but making sure I was extra small from the water was Stacy’s idea. Just touching her vagina made me hard which was something that Stacy took issue with. She pulled a plastic male chastity cage out of her bag and made me put it on in front of everyone. This was a small male chastity cage called a sissy cage and it was small enough to wear under my tiny swimsuit.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Revering the Male Chastity Cage

People involved in the chaste lifestyle have found themselves putting the male chastity cage in a place of honor. There are many reasons for this attitude and they are all valid ones. It is quite possible that the most important one of these reasons is that of the lesson it teaches regarding consideration and selflessness. When a man has a cage locked around his penis, he relinquishes all control of his own sexual freedom and release. This control is turned over to his Key Holder who is typically his partner. The Key Holder will not let that cage be unlocked until he or she has been pleased in every desirable way. This lesson may be hard learned but it will turn the man into a rather wonderful lover.

Something else the male chastity cage accomplishes for men is the ability to control their erections. Many men have issues with random erections that get them into a lot of trouble because their arousal becomes apparent to others at the most inappropriate times.  Wearing a cage will keep those erections at bay while also teaching the control needed to keep them from happening until the men wants them. It is quite easy to see how this can be a very desirable and useful trick to master.

Finally, wearing a cage shows a man’s devotion to his Key Holder. When he allows himself to be locked into his male chastity cage, he has effectively said that he is ready to understand what his partner wants and needs sexually and is committed to meeting those needs. In the end, there may not be another lesson more important than that one. It will keep men from ever being self-centered and selfish sexually again. When you think about it, there is every reason that these little devices just might be held up in honor for everyone to praise. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More male chastity cage and the small penis

Male chastity cage and the small penis beach day continued
We met down at the beach on Sunday. It was Stacy, myself and five of her girlfriends four of which I knew and a good looking body builder named Katie who I had never met before. She was a specimen. I would never ask but I was sure she was taking testosterone on human growth hormones. I introduced myself. Hi I’m Jay.  As it turned out Katie is a professional body builder. She was absolutely massive almost masculine.  Pumped legs and arms and a huge chest but big in the way a man’s chest is her breasts were tiny almost just nipples on muscles but she did look great. Al the other girls were hot and wearing very little which is almost a form of torture for a man who is not allowed to have sex but at least I did not have on a male chastity cage. The girls started drinking early and often, Stacy would not let me drink which was fine since someone needed to not get totally stupid.  Katie was very interested in our lifestyle and Stacy was telling her everything even things about the way she has sex with me, that is her wearing a strap on fucking me whenever the mood strikes her. After a few drinks the girls were all being silly and funny. They were pulling off each other’s tops and flashing tits, ass and even some pussy. The only one that was being a little more toned down was Katie. She was talking to me and saying how cute I looked in my swimsuit.  After a few more drinks she blurted out that my penis looked really small. I think I blushed with embarrassment and when Stacy saw this she made sure everyone knew that in fact my penis is very small. Katie looked over at Stacy and said I bet my Labia is longer than his flaccid cock and all the girls started laughing. That irritated me and I said there was no way. Stacy looked over at me and then at Katie and said we should bet on it. Katie said I’m game what do you want to bet. Stacy said we will measure to see who is larger and if you win you can fuck him in the ass. That sounds good Katie said. I said what do I get if I win and Katie asked Stacy if it would be alright I would let Jay fuck my in the ass if he wins. Stacy said sure. I was very excited because I knew I would win. The girls settle into more drinking and I did not think much more about our bet. Two of the other girls looked to be done drinking and asked me if I wanted to do some bod surfing. I asked if they were up to it and both were game. I knew both girls, Sandra and Jenifer were both good swimmers and good at bodysurfing. They also were two of the hottest girls on the beach and I knew just walking down to the water holding hand with me in my tiny bikini would drive other guys crazy so I was in.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Male chastity cage and the small penis beach day

When you wear a male chastity cage you have to figure at least once in a while you are going to be humiliated, that almost goes without saying. I am forced to wear a male chastity cage and I have been caught by other men wearing it in the locker room at my gym, talk about being humiliated now everyone there knows. I love to work out and stay in shape and just because I wear a cock cage does not mean I need to stay at home all the time but being caught wearing one does bring about interesting problems. Not sure what took me on that tangent because this story is about being at the beach without wearing a male chastity cock cage. My girlfriend, Stacy who is also my mistress let me go without for a few reasons. I like to play in the surf and a cage does not work well for that. My Stacy makes me wear tiny little swimsuits. It is always her choice. Sometimes it is a tiny bikini, sometimes at thong and other times a G-string. They are always micro and to some degree feminine. She made me wear them at first as punishment but she loves the way I look in them so I continue to wear them. I would not tell her but I love wearing them now. They make me look and feel sexy and my tan looks great. I don’t think I will ever go back to wearing shorts.  The other day Stacy decided we would go to the beach. She invited a number of her girlfriends, some I knew and others I was going to meet. I love most of her friends because they treat me better than she does and they love to have fun. Stacy wants them to treat me like one of the girls when we go out and definitely not like a man which is easy to do at the beach because with my hair free body, Stacy does not allow me to have any pubic hair either people mistake me for one of the girls.

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Photo of me in a thong, yes I know my legs need to be shaved!