Monday, November 17, 2014

Wearing a male chastity cage with a penis plug part 2

Wearing a male chastity cage with a penis plug part 2
Sorry Ray but you are not putting any of those in my cock, you have no idea how to use them I said figuring that would be enough to stop the craziness. You are right he said but I have another surprise for you. Jamie is coming over to show us how to use them. I did not need to ask if she knew how because she is not only a RN with a major Urologists office here in Los Angeles but she is truly a sexually twisted little freak. You would never know it by looking at her because she is as cute as a button, great body and super sweet but she is never the less a total freak. I have heard stories from her and her friends both male and female about her exploits. Even by my extreme standards she has done some truly spectacular sexual feats. She loves to fist and be fisted, she understands how to perform anal sex as well as any man. I know I let her use a strap on dildo on me a few times after she promised it would be amazing, she did not disappoint. She will be here in a few minutes Ray said. I am not sure I am up to this and having Jamie fuck with my little penis! Don’t worry Ray said, you know she loves sex and will make sure that you enjoy it.  When Jamie arrived I was so nervous. In typical Jamie fashion she came over and gave me a big kiss and pushed me onto the couch. Let’s get down to business she said and told me to take my clothes off. Wait a second Jamie that looks like it will hurt and I said have you ever done this? Yes she said. Yes to what I asked? Yes it will hurt and yes I have done it many times. At our office they call it urethra stretching others for fun call it sounding. It will both hurt and feel good. Ray said he bought you a male chastity cage with a penis plug can I see it? Ray brought it over and Jamie said you will never get this on comfortably without hurting yourself unless I stretch you. Don’t worry I know what I am doing. I was not eager to try it but Jamie started taking off my clothes and said she would be gentle. She removed my shirt, pants and underwear and had my lay back. She asked Ray to bring her some water based lube and went into the kitchen and heated up the metal rods to make sure they were disinfected. After she heated them under a flame she wiped them down with alcohol. Before I start with the smallest sound I need to get your penis lubricated on the inside. She told me to lift my legs and she put a little lube on my shaft and balls and started stroking me. Ray was watching with a big smile. Jamie looked very serious squeezing the tip of my penis for pre-cum. Not enough she said and put more lube on her finer and inserted it in my rectum. She rubbed down there and presided to stimulate my prostate gland. No look how much flow you have. The pre-cum was pouring out of me. It is now well lubricated. She walked into the bathroom to wash her hands with hot water and came back. Are you ready to try it she asked as she held up my tiny wet penis? It won’t hurt too much I asked? No it is not that bad I have had my own urethra stretched before using sound rods and I actually enjoy it. I did not even know girls could do it!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Wearing a male chastity cage with penis plug.

I have been wearing a male chastity cage now for over four years. My first male chastity cage was a gift from a friend but once my boyfriend at the time Ray who is now my husband had me try it on, my collection of cock cages started to grow and grow.  Sexual denial was something I had been interested in for a long time. I loved the idea of having my cock locked away all day long away from my hands and the hands of other temptations. Sometimes Ray will make me go days without sex and once I am released from the cage my orgasms are off the chart intense. As I have progressed to more and often scary extreme devices we have added additional types of locks. I use a number of different ass locks with my male chastity cage designs, most of which work very well with an ass spark. I think I have the entire collection of Koala Ass Spark designs. It takes getting use to wearing something plugging up your ass all day long but after a while I did get very into to wearing them. The Ass Sparks can be as small as 1 ¾” balls all the way up to multiple balls and even trailer hitch style huge plugs. Once you have any of the Ass Spark styles on followed by a male chastity cage you can no longer touch the penis or have anything inserted into your hole like a nice large warm sexy cock or a very wet tongue. Nothing goes and nothing comes out you are completely  plugged up and your cock is no longer functional for anything other than urinating. The balls can be handled by the fact is most men who wear cock cages do not want their balls touched while in a cage. If the penis starts to get hard inside the cage it is very uncomfortable.  The other day Ray gave me a girt. I had no idea what it was but when I opened it I could see it was a very extreme male chastity cage. Always turned on by sex toys and cock gear I was excited until I noticed the plug on the inside of the cage. To put this cage on you need to lubricate both your urethra and the metal tube. This metal tube was relatively thick, hollow and about three inches long. Ray this looks like it goes inside of my penis I exclaimed with some real trepidation. Do worry he said I will get you ready to wear it and walked to the other room to grab something I had never seen before. What is that I said? This is a Toolmed Sounding Kit.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What I learned from wearing a male chastity cage.

I have read many of the posts on this and many other male chastity cage sites. From my understanding most of the men who are wearing them are eagerly wearing them whether it was their own choice or that of a significant other or a master/slave relationship. The next category of male chastity cage converts tends to fall into those men and women who are experimenting with them for sexual pleasure. Unfortunately there like men like me who have been forced for one reason or another against their will to wear a male chastity cage. Some of these men are in master/slave relationships and as part of their male chastity training are forced to wear a cock cage. Some of the men in this category have a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend who has decided for them. These are dominant personalities that want what they want and in order to stay together the cock cage wearer does so because he wants to keep the relationship in tack. Finality there is the guys like me. These are the men who cheat on the boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses and end up getting caught often more than once. I was forced to wear a cock cage in order to save my relationship and to learn to control my impulses. Wearing a cock cage and later a cock cage and an Ass Spark anal lock was not something I wanted to do but I did love my husband intensely and at some level I knew not being in control of my sexual impulses would end up ruining our wonderful relationship. I talked to Phycologists and marriage counselors. They were very helpful and I highly recommend using them if you have a problem but for my problem I needed more. A friend of ours recommended caging me. Both my husband and I had no idea what he was talking about. A male chastity cage he said! Neither one of us had any idea that people actually used them for anything other than sex play, as it turns out we sure were wrong. My Husband Michael looked into it and order a few different cages. It was fun trying them on and they looked and felt great, that is if we were just going to use them for sex play but that was not the idea here. Michael sat me down and said that I was no longer to have sex outside of our relationship. Michael is an open guy and said that we could bring other men and even women into our relationship but for me my days of being a man whore were over. No more unauthorized sex or we would be through. I was shocked by this all. I love Michael deeply but I also love having a good time. I talked to many friends who said look you are married and you need to stop being such a fool. You have a wonderful husband you is so good to you, loves you so much and how do you repay him,  by running around a fucking every other guy. They all said that they understand why he would want me to wear a cock cage and completely agreed with him that it would be the most effective method of control.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wearing a male chastity cage and cock rings

I would say that all men who wear a male chastity cage either use cock rings or will be using cock rings. It is a natural flow from cock cages to cock rings. The reason is that often men who have been trained to wear and function with a male chastity cage often desire to use a cock ring to help them keep an erection that is both harder, larger and more apt to stay hard for a longer period of time. In addition to the increased measure of control many men feel while wearing a cock ring there is also the visual effect. The simple fact is that as luscious as cocks look on their own they look so much more intense and beautiful cover with cock jewelry. Cock rings and head rings make a wonderful addition to your penis! I can tell you from my personal experience of wearing male chastity cage designs, cock rings and head rings that once you start you will get hooked. The hardest erections of my life are when I am wearing a tight fitting cock ring. The veins are bulging out of my cock and it looks like it I going to burst open, very intense. I think it helps that I am forced to wear a male chastity cage for days at a time and when I do get the chance to play with my cock or have sex I want to have the best possible orgasm. My wife loves giving and receiving anal sex. Most of the time if I am the one being fucked she will keep me in a cock cage but sometimes she will slip on some fancy cock jewelry including multiple cock rings and head rings. The head rings slip onto the shaft just below the head and at times she will fit ones on further down the shaft.  I know when that happens every once in a while I will get to fuck her ass while wearing all the rings once she is through with me. She gets so aroused seeing may cock with all the beautiful rings on it. She says it looks like my cock is in bondage which turns her on even more. I live the male chastity lifestyle and as is the case with most men and women who are into chastity we have a lot of contact with one another. In Los Angeles we have many friends who practice and the more experienced the man is wearing cock cages the more likely he is to use cock rings.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Micro male chastity cage

I finally found a micro male chastity cage to fit my tiny penis.  I find that most male chastity cage designs are just way too big for my less than one inch cock. I enjoy sex even with my small cock but the reality is most of the sex I get is anal. I have been dating the same man Jay for over a year. He enjoys sucking my cock but does not like taking it in the ass which is fine with me because even hard I am barely three inches long. As long as he fucks me every day and sucks the juices at of me I am happy. Jay says he loves my tiny cock and it is easy for him to get the whole thing balls and all in his mouth. The problem is he is totally jealous of me having sex with other men. I am a one man guy and I am not interested in other men. Jay wants me to wear an Ass Spark which is an anal lock that you use with a male chastity cage but I have not been able to find any cages small enough to stay on me. That is until now. Koala male chastity just brought out an extremely small cock cage and I just ordered it. I will report back when I get it but from the picture it looked perfect. I’m sure it is way too small for most men but I also know a couple other guys like me with cocks so small we should have been girls and this cage should work great. Many men would feel hurt and humiliated at the thought of their boyfriend or I guess there girlfriend demanding that they wear a cock cage and ass lock but in a strange way I feel Jay is just so into me and maybe just a little insecure about himself that he wants me actually demands that I wear one and that turns me on. 

That is a tiny penis.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Male chastity cage photo shoot

I just did my first male chastity cage photo shoot. I have never done anything like that. I am a fitness model but I got a call to do a male chastity cage photo shoot and thought I check to see what it was about. I had no idea what male chastity or cock cages were all about let alone understanding that the photo shoot would require me to be completely nude something I had never done while modeling.

Not really knowing anything more than how much I was getting paid I took the gig. There was a huge surprise waiting for men. The company I was shooting for was Koala in Chatsworth. When I got down there they took me right to make up and had me strip nude. Not all that unusual but what was interesting and a little unusual was the girl having her make-up done right next to me. She was beautiful and completely nude too. I was starting to get a little nervous but the pay was good and there was something about the entire set-up that was interesting. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Male chastity cage and finding the right one for your small cock part 2

A week later I got a call from Katie. Hi Steve we got all three male chastity cage designs in today. Should I come in today I asked? No,  could you come Wednesday, I will be here and so will Chris and Sandy we all want to see if they work for you. I said sure and set up a time to make sure they could give me their attention. They had me come in an hour before the store closed. Katie said it is not too busy that late in the day. I wanted to look my best so I made sure everything was completely shaved and I got a haircut. My wife wanted to go and that was the plan but something came up at the last minute and it was just me. When I got down to the store all three girls were there. Sandy looked up and said we have some special things for you with a sly smile on her face. Sandy was the one who came right up to me the first time and handle my penis like she owned it. No doubt she has a dominate personality. Chris said some of the designs are complicated and they would help me put them on. OK I said a little confused because how hard could it be to put on a male chastity cage anyway I thought. As it turns out a little harder then I might have guessed. Back in the dressing room Katie was the first to talk and told me to undress which I did. As I was undressing Chris and Sandy walked in each holding a couple things. Turns out three cock cages came in and there was a bottle of something which turned out to be lube. Chris handed me one of the cages and I said what is this? This micro cage works both with a lock and a Urethra tube. I had never seen anything like it but it looked like to put this male chastity cage on a tube would need to go into my penis. I asked does that actually go inside of my penis? Sandy said yes that many designs for smaller men feature this type of tube. Can it be removed before I put it on I asked? Yes Sandy said but Chris said it is there for a reason and you will need to try it on with the tube. I have never had anything inside of me like that. Katie looked over and said there is always a first time. Sandy put her hand on my rear and said very sweetly that she would do it for me. I took a deep breath and said I would try it. That is where the lube came in as she squeezed a little on her finger and wiped it around the metal tube, she than wiped some on and around the opening of my urethra. Since this is your first time I need to get your juices flowing without getting you erect. I was not sure what she meant by that but a second later she added more lube to her finger and gently but firmly slipped it inside my ass. I am going to massage your prostate until you are lubed inside. She rubbed and pressed firmly on it. It felt like her hole hand was inside of me but she said it was just two finders. I was bent over as she rubbed me with the two other girls watching. Chris said look at that and Katie came in for a closer look.  Sandy picked up my shaft with her other hand and it looked like I had just ejaculated. I had never had my prostate massage or had been fingered like this so I had no idea that anything at all would happen let alone all this fluid flow out of me without an orgasm. That’s awesome Katie said. Chris said it should be easy now to put the cage on. Sandy took her fingers out of me and washed them off. She came over to finish the job. Don’t be nervous she said just relax and she gave me a little peck on the lips. Chris was right there to with her hand on my leg rubbing it telling me to relax. My shaft was even smaller than the other day now knowing something was going inside of it for the first time. Sandy slid the tube inside of me very slowly at first. Does that hurt she asked and I said no it just feels weird. That’s good Chris said as Katie bent down with her face very close to my penis so she did not miss a thing. Slowly she slid it all the way in. The tube was a little longer than my shaft but once in it felt kind of good. Once the tube was all the way in the cage was right on my head. The male chastity cage was very small with the shaft size being about one inch. You will never get hard with the tube in and the small cage. The cock ring portion of the cage was 1.5” in size. It fit on snug and Sandy locked it in place. Wow that is small did you know some men use 1.5” rings to tighten below the penis head. She was making some sort of point but Sandy said penises can be very small and very sexy who needs a large one she said. I do Katie said giggling a little. No w that is the way a cock cage should fit. Can I wear this all day long I asked? Yes Sandy said but you need to keep it clean and you need to be milked a number of times a week. What is that I said. It is like a prostate massage but more intense. Why would I need that? It keeps your system healthy she said. How is it done I asked. Get me a small dildo Sandy said to Katie. She came back in a minute and Sandy said just use this and she lubed it up and had m bend over touching the wall. Have you ever seen this done she asked Katie and Katie said she had not. Let me show you.