Sunday, August 24, 2014

Using an Ass spark with your male chastity cage

The first question should be do you know what an Ass Spark is. The second question is if you do have you ever used an Ass Spark with your male chastity cage?
Let’s answer the first question. The Ass Spark is a combination anal plug cock ring. They are available in many styles including single ball, double ball, triple ball and multiple balls anal style plugs. The single ball is the standard unit for most men and it is wear men whom are new to anal sex start. The more balls the deeper the penetration and many men end up having a complete collection of Ass Sparks. There is even a Silicone style Ass Spark which can be great if you are traveling or wearing it to the beach. There is nothing like sitting on a plane and getting ass fucked for hours. Guys if this is sparking your interest and you are new to this keep in mind that anal sex is widely practiced by straight guys too. It is very main-stream and if you are missing out on it you are missing out on the most intense orgasms of your life.  It really gets interesting when you use the Ass Spark with a male chastity cage. Most male chastity cage designs will work with an Ass Spark. When used with a locking cock cage the Ass Spark makes everything more intense and also serves as an anal sex lock out device. It is impossible to remove until the cock cage is removed. The fact is when used together both the cock and the anus are locked and no longer available for sex. The wearer will still be able to pee but number 2’s are out of the question until the Ass Spark is removed. The newest designs include much larger plugs and new interesting shapes and sizes.

One of the ultimate Ass Sparks coming out late Summer or early Fall 2014 is a stainless steel powerhouse with a 5” metal plug that has adjustments for position connected to a complete circle cock ring. Used in concert with your male chastity cage it should be not only completely secure but explosively entertaining to wear and be seen in! New designs also include two others due out about the same time one is called the Ass Spark Cherry Bomb and the other is the Tear Drop Ass Spark. The Tear Drop style is being offered for men new to anal sex and ass locks along with experienced men who have the need at times to wear something a little tender and  gentle. The Cherry Bomb should give you an idea of the intensity just by the name. You should give some real thought about whether you are ready to use an Ass Spark with your cock cage, once you try one on there is no going back that is you will never want to use one without your ass lock again!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Male Chastity Cage Love

I have been wearing my male chastity cage for a few weeks now and I think I am in love with it. I never really thought that a guy could have an emotional attachment to an inanimate object, but I apparently have one with my chastity cage. I honestly don’t think I could leave the house if I didn’t have the thing on. I feel protected and confident while wearing it and I am sure that those feelings would disappear as soon as I tried walking out the door without that cage locked in place.
The funny thing is that I only started wearing my male chastity cage as a joke for my girlfriend. I kept going out with the guys and she was picking on me about hooking up with other girls while we were out. We have a totally honest relationship and she knows that I would never cheat on her, but I purchased this cage as a goof to see her reaction. Of course she still hasn’t given the key back, but it’s all in fun and has made our relationship that much stronger in the long run.
Even though the initial option to wear a male chastity cage was in jest, I feel as if it is a part of me now. I often find myself wondering why I hadn’t decided to wear something like this in the past. It makes my life so much more interesting when I have my cage on, and yet, I used to walk around without one all the time. If I had known about these feelings before, I would have been the first guy out there to purchase a cage and wear it. I honestly wouldn’t give this thing up for all the money and power in the world. That’s just how much I love it now.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Male chastity cage and being put on display

I believe you should be willing to show your male chastity cage anytime someone asks to see it.  As a wearer of a male chastity cage I would like to see more men get into the fetish. I am not forced to wear one, I choose to wear one and there are many men like me. Though my cock is on the small side I still like to show it when I am wearing a male chastity cage and I will do it discreetly when I am asked to show it. It does not matter to me if it is a woman or a man, a group or a couple, gay or straight. If someone wants to see your male chastity cage because you were talking about it or someone told them you wear one I believe it is your duty to show it. The more men we get wearing cock cages the better it will be and the more people understand about wearing cock cages the more informed they are.  I have many cock cages that are just stunning as cock art or cock jewelry, I am very proud of my collection and I have been asked many times to model it. You might be surprised how often showing something that has to do with male chastity will end up in sex. Women in particular seemed to be fascinated with everything male chastity and are very interested in the subject.  With so many women reading the Fifty shades of Grey series they seem to be interested in almost anything new that is sexual and especially things that let them dominate the man. Locking a man up in a cock cage gives the woman total control and total control is highly erotic to men and women.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What is the best type of Male chastity cage for someone new to the lifestyle?

I get asked that question a lot. Many first timers want to know what male chastity cage is best. My answer is the one you are most likely to wear all the time since the male chastity lifestyle dictates your penis be locked away in a male chastity cage it helps that you choose one that is comfortable enough for you to wear for long uninterrupted periods of time.  The male chastity cage is available in so many shapes, sizes and materials. When you are deciding what cock cage to order the first and most important bit of knowledge you will need is to know what ring size you will need for the cock ring portion of the cage. If you get a ring to large you will be able to slip out of the cage without unlocking it this is a huge no no for male chastity gear. On the other hand getting a male chastity cage with a ring to small is not good for your health. If the cock ring is too tight it will cut off the circulation to the penis and that is a huge problem that could end you up in the hospital. Cock rings are measured by diameter and in inches or millimeters. You will need to measure from the base of your penis below your balls but include the shaft when measuring. After you measure if you are still not sure what size to get I recommend ordering some quality metal cock rings, The Cock Ring Corner has a wonderful selection and they are very reasonable. You can order a few different sizes and wear each one for extended periods of time to see which is most comfortable. If the ring is too tight to wear for extended periods it might still be very useful as a cock ring for sex to keep you hard longer. If you are entering a male chastity lifestyle you might as well have the best sex possible when you are allowed to do so.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Male chastity cage pain

Things changed for me once my girlfriend demanded I wear a male chastity cage. I had never even seen a male chastity cage let alone had to wear one. Cindy was very dominating in our relationship right from the start. She was in charge of everything including when and what type of sex we would have. She loved dressing me up like a girl and since I am a little on the feminine side I enjoyed it. Until it started getting more and more extreme. She had ordered male to female transformation swimsuits, tiny bikinis and thongs which made me look like I had a vagina. She was so turned on by that look. She decided that anal sex would become a regular thing with us. At first I was very exciting just the thought of fucking her in the ass would get me so hard but that was not what she had in mind. As it turned out she would wear a strap on dildo and fuck me. She loved it because along with changing me to a female for her pleasure it allowed her to humiliate me which again for her was a huge turn on. I found anal sex painful, she liked doing it ruff and yet when she allowed me to fuck her it was never ruff at all. She wanted me to be gentle. She also wanted me to wear a male chastity cage when I went out without her. It was all about control.  Some of the cock cages I found would run up and cause pain. We ended up settling on a silicone micro cage, my cock is small so a nice tight fit was more comfortable. She started having me wear it when we had anal sex. Cindy decided we need more fun in our sex life and started inviting her girlfriends. This seemed to be a very nice turn but unfortunately most of the time I would sit and watch wearing a metal male chastity cage that would not allow me to get hard while the girls enjoyed each other. My one real skill is easting pussy and they would use me for that to get them off. Cindy even taught them to do anal sex on me.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Getting caught with a Male chastity cage

I was in my works rest room the other day at the urinal. I work at a large company and there are five urinals in the bathroom closet to my office and many bathrooms throughout the building. I have been wearing a male chastity cage at my wife’s request, make that her orders for many years and sometimes you just forget it’s on. That happened to me when I was talking to a friend of mine when we were in the rest room at work. I am not sure if I turned a little or he just took a look down there but all of a sudden he said what is that on your cock! I had on a clear plastic male chastity cage and I was peeing through it, something I do many times a day but he caught me completely by surprise.  I was so shocked I did not know what to say. I had been using a male chastity cage for years and up to this moment I never even come close to being caught. Looking back it is a miracle that no one had even seen it on me. The only thing I could think of at the time was telling him the truth. My wife is very jealous and she is always accusing me of cheating with other women. She wanted me to wear this and the truth is it has been much better since. That is total bull shit he said. I would never let a woman put that on my cock, what type of man are you? I guess I am the type that would allow it.  I than asked him to please not say anything to anyone else. I was almost pleading and I would have given him a blow job if I had to, to keep him from talking. Don’t worry about it he said I don’t want people to ask why I was looking at your cock. Now that he said that I think I will try to figure out why he was looking at my cock!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Male chastity cage for myself

I was reading this blog and a few others and most of the posts seem to be either about men who are forced into wearing a male chastity cage or women or other men who decide to order a male chastity cage for their man. I think many of these blogs are missing out on the fact that there are many guys just like me who want to order and wear a cock cage just for the pleasure, the sensation and the discipline of wearing one. Many of us just cannot keep our hands of our cock during the day and wearing a cock cage makes all the difference in the world. I have seen and even joined a group online and I am a member of a bondage group in North Hollywood. Many of the guys wear cock cages that they have picked out and they wear them because they want to. That is the group I fall into. I wear my male chastity cage by choice, my choice. My girlfriend is fine with my choice but it would be her problem if she was not because I would still want to wear it. In my group of guys that wear cages we have men who are gay, straight and bisexual. Choosing chastity does not have much to do with sexual orientation. We have show and tell and will even try each other’s cages out. In my group there are fifteen guys and a large age spread from early twenties to late sixties. All of us are completely shaved as I would say most men who are truly into male chastity are. We even have group meetings where we bring our significant others. We also get experts on male chastity in to lead discussions and for additional training. Last week we had a girl in who not only discussed prostate milking but showed us on her slave and then offered to do it to each one of us so we could see how it should feel done correctly. Every one of us accepted the offer and it was an educational and at the same time an erotic experience.