Friday, October 17, 2014

Micro male chastity cage

I finally found a micro male chastity cage to fit my tiny penis.  I find that most male chastity cage designs are just way too big for my less than one inch cock. I enjoy sex even with my small cock but the reality is most of the sex I get is anal. I have been dating the same man Jay for over a year. He enjoys sucking my cock but does not like taking it in the ass which is fine with me because even hard I am barely three inches long. As long as he fucks me every day and sucks the juices at of me I am happy. Jay says he loves my tiny cock and it is easy for him to get the whole thing balls and all in his mouth. The problem is he is totally jealous of me having sex with other men. I am a one man guy and I am not interested in other men. Jay wants me to wear an Ass Spark which is an anal lock that you use with a male chastity cage but I have not been able to find any cages small enough to stay on me. That is until now. Koala male chastity just brought out an extremely small cock cage and I just ordered it. I will report back when I get it but from the picture it looked perfect. I’m sure it is way too small for most men but I also know a couple other guys like me with cocks so small we should have been girls and this cage should work great. Many men would feel hurt and humiliated at the thought of their boyfriend or I guess there girlfriend demanding that they wear a cock cage and ass lock but in a strange way I feel Jay is just so into me and maybe just a little insecure about himself that he wants me actually demands that I wear one and that turns me on. 

That is a tiny penis.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Male chastity cage photo shoot

I just did my first male chastity cage photo shoot. I have never done anything like that. I am a fitness model but I got a call to do a male chastity cage photo shoot and thought I check to see what it was about. I had no idea what male chastity or cock cages were all about let alone understanding that the photo shoot would require me to be completely nude something I had never done while modeling.

Not really knowing anything more than how much I was getting paid I took the gig. There was a huge surprise waiting for men. The company I was shooting for was Koala in Chatsworth. When I got down there they took me right to make up and had me strip nude. Not all that unusual but what was interesting and a little unusual was the girl having her make-up done right next to me. She was beautiful and completely nude too. I was starting to get a little nervous but the pay was good and there was something about the entire set-up that was interesting. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Male chastity cage and finding the right one for your small cock part 2

A week later I got a call from Katie. Hi Steve we got all three male chastity cage designs in today. Should I come in today I asked? No,  could you come Wednesday, I will be here and so will Chris and Sandy we all want to see if they work for you. I said sure and set up a time to make sure they could give me their attention. They had me come in an hour before the store closed. Katie said it is not too busy that late in the day. I wanted to look my best so I made sure everything was completely shaved and I got a haircut. My wife wanted to go and that was the plan but something came up at the last minute and it was just me. When I got down to the store all three girls were there. Sandy looked up and said we have some special things for you with a sly smile on her face. Sandy was the one who came right up to me the first time and handle my penis like she owned it. No doubt she has a dominate personality. Chris said some of the designs are complicated and they would help me put them on. OK I said a little confused because how hard could it be to put on a male chastity cage anyway I thought. As it turns out a little harder then I might have guessed. Back in the dressing room Katie was the first to talk and told me to undress which I did. As I was undressing Chris and Sandy walked in each holding a couple things. Turns out three cock cages came in and there was a bottle of something which turned out to be lube. Chris handed me one of the cages and I said what is this? This micro cage works both with a lock and a Urethra tube. I had never seen anything like it but it looked like to put this male chastity cage on a tube would need to go into my penis. I asked does that actually go inside of my penis? Sandy said yes that many designs for smaller men feature this type of tube. Can it be removed before I put it on I asked? Yes Sandy said but Chris said it is there for a reason and you will need to try it on with the tube. I have never had anything inside of me like that. Katie looked over and said there is always a first time. Sandy put her hand on my rear and said very sweetly that she would do it for me. I took a deep breath and said I would try it. That is where the lube came in as she squeezed a little on her finger and wiped it around the metal tube, she than wiped some on and around the opening of my urethra. Since this is your first time I need to get your juices flowing without getting you erect. I was not sure what she meant by that but a second later she added more lube to her finger and gently but firmly slipped it inside my ass. I am going to massage your prostate until you are lubed inside. She rubbed and pressed firmly on it. It felt like her hole hand was inside of me but she said it was just two finders. I was bent over as she rubbed me with the two other girls watching. Chris said look at that and Katie came in for a closer look.  Sandy picked up my shaft with her other hand and it looked like I had just ejaculated. I had never had my prostate massage or had been fingered like this so I had no idea that anything at all would happen let alone all this fluid flow out of me without an orgasm. That’s awesome Katie said. Chris said it should be easy now to put the cage on. Sandy took her fingers out of me and washed them off. She came over to finish the job. Don’t be nervous she said just relax and she gave me a little peck on the lips. Chris was right there to with her hand on my leg rubbing it telling me to relax. My shaft was even smaller than the other day now knowing something was going inside of it for the first time. Sandy slid the tube inside of me very slowly at first. Does that hurt she asked and I said no it just feels weird. That’s good Chris said as Katie bent down with her face very close to my penis so she did not miss a thing. Slowly she slid it all the way in. The tube was a little longer than my shaft but once in it felt kind of good. Once the tube was all the way in the cage was right on my head. The male chastity cage was very small with the shaft size being about one inch. You will never get hard with the tube in and the small cage. The cock ring portion of the cage was 1.5” in size. It fit on snug and Sandy locked it in place. Wow that is small did you know some men use 1.5” rings to tighten below the penis head. She was making some sort of point but Sandy said penises can be very small and very sexy who needs a large one she said. I do Katie said giggling a little. No w that is the way a cock cage should fit. Can I wear this all day long I asked? Yes Sandy said but you need to keep it clean and you need to be milked a number of times a week. What is that I said. It is like a prostate massage but more intense. Why would I need that? It keeps your system healthy she said. How is it done I asked. Get me a small dildo Sandy said to Katie. She came back in a minute and Sandy said just use this and she lubed it up and had m bend over touching the wall. Have you ever seen this done she asked Katie and Katie said she had not. Let me show you. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Male chastity cage and finding the right one for your small cock.

One of the problems many guys have to deal with is finding a male chastity cage small enough for them. Many of the male chastity cage designs are too big for us men with small cocks and some of us have truly tiny cocks this creates a real problem with finding a cock cage that will handle such a small penis and stay on. It can also be embarrassing shopping for them at fetish and bondage stores. I once asked a sales girl at a store in Los Angeles for a very small cage. How small do you need she said. Can I see your smallest cages I asked? The cages she brought out were way too big for me and I told her. Don’t you want to try them on she asked. No they are too big I can tell I said. She handed me the smallest one and said try this one on so we can tell what you need. I went in the dressing room and tried it on. Even being completely shaved which is supposed to make your cock look bigger I am smaller than virtually even guy I have ever seen. I work out at the gym all the time and I have never seen a man with a smaller penis than mine. My wife loves it and right from the start said she was into men with small cocks. Who wants something so large inside of you she would say but I knew other women were not the same. I told the sales girl it was on but too big. She walked right into the room which surprised me. I am standing there nude with a cock cage on and she just comes right in. She could see I was embarrassed by my flush face. Honey don’t worry I see naked men all day long. The next word was you are very small. I can’t believe it. She was not trying to hurt my feelings she was just being honest. Let me get my tape measure and if it is OK I want someone who specializes in male chastity cage designs to take a look and she walked out before I could say a word. I was ready to get dressed and run out of the store I was so embarrassed but I really wanted a cage that fit so I would have to handle the humiliation. She came back a minute later with two other girls. This is Chris and Sandy. Between the two of them they have seen every cock cage made. Then she said he needs a really small one as you can see. Chris came over and picked up the cage with my now extremely tiny penis in it. This size and style will never work he needs a very small shaft and tighter cock ring. She took the cage off me and said she was going to take some measurements. Sandy came over looked and then took hold of my shaft as Chris measured it. I think so and so design would work for him Sandy said and Chris agreed as the first sales girl watched intently like it was a learning experience for her and seeing that made me feel a little more at ease.  My shaft measured under 1” and she measured my balls at the base of the penis saying I would need a 1.5 ring maybe smaller.  Chris looked at me and said you are very small, so small I have never fitted anyone quite this size but I like the challenge.  We talked some more as I got dressed with the three girls as it turns out were very serious about the whole thing. I know they see nude men and women all the time and someone like me would not turn them on at all. Chris decided to order three different designs and told me to come back in a week to fit them. I had told her I would buy all three if they fit and she said you can buy what you want but I am eager to see if I can get ones that will fit. Call us before you come in said Sandy, I want to make sure I am here to see it. Oh by the way my name is Katie said the sales girl giving me her hand to shake. After all that I thought it was a little formal but I shook her hand and gave her my number. It made more sense for her to call me when they were in.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Learning to accept my male chastity cage

I have been wearing a male chastity cage for over six years. No not just one male chastity cage, I have an entire collection of different cages geared to the way I feel at a particular time. My last wife got me into the male chastity lifestyle a number of years ago and even though we are no longer married, we are still very good friends I have stayed with chastity. It works for me. It keeps me from having too much sex either with other women or masturbating too often. Early on I think I had an addiction to sex. I would have sex multiple times a day and still masturbate. Most of the time it would be with my wife but there were times when other women and even men would help me get my fix. I had talked to a phycologist about it a number of times and he agreed I had a real problem but the sessions with him were not really helping me. My wife came up with the idea of chastity and forcing me to wear a male chastity cage. This would give her much more control and it would force me to have much more control. She was the key holder.  What I was doing was akin to going cold turnkey with drugs or smoking which we all know is extremely difficult. We joined a group of other men dealing with sex issues for support. As it turns out at least for me I had the type of personality that going cold turkey worked well for. Wearing a male chastity cock cage was an integral part of my success. Giving up control of the penis is an extreme thing to do. At first by instruction I was going weeks without sex. From multiple times a day to weeks without sex was a huge change in my life. There are additional things you will need to learn about if you are willing to take this step. Along with finding the cock cage that works for you, your partner will need to learn prostate milking to keep you healthy while you are sex free and it helps to be part of a group and even to seek the help of a therapist.

Continued on future post

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Male chastity cage or men’s vagina you choose!

I thought being forced to wear a male chastity cage was as bad as it gets until my girlfriend Katie decided she would only go to the beach with her girlfriends and that I was coming. I had no idea what she meant by that until a few new swimsuits she ordered for me came in the mail. I looked at them and said they are way to small to wear my male chastity cage with. She had always forced me to wear a silicone male chastity cage when we went to the beach which was almost every weekend. I did not mind because it made my bulge look large. I have a small penis but when you add in the size of a cock cage it looks very substantial and the cock cage does not shrink in cold water! I ended up getting a lot of unwanted attention from other women just hanging out and not trying since I knew I would be punished later even if it was not my fault.  You don’t need to wear your cock cage with these in fact no one is even going to look at your bulge in these Katie said. These swimsuits as it turns out were male to female transformation designs and were created for Transsexuals, sissies and men like me. I had no idea at the time that these swimsuits changed the penis and its bulge into an extremely realistic vagina. Katie was fairly deep into chastity training for me and she had toyed with sissy training at times having me dress in a little catholic school girls outfit, a short skirt and top. I was and still am completely shaved. I am not very hairy to begin with but she can’t stand any hair on me. I shave my legs multiple times a week and she enjoys waxing my pubic area. She gives me a full Brazilian bikini wax every three weeks throughout the year. The new swimsuits were interesting looking but again when they first came I had no idea how to use them. That was not a problem for Katie who was eager to transform me and maybe she was more than eager. She would never admit to it but I think she was highly aroused by the whole idea. If I was more of a man I would have slipped my finger in her pussy to see how wet she was but as most men who are into chastity know that is off limits for a man like me.

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Extreme sissy style male to female transformation men's swimwear
These designs recreate men into women

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Do guys that wear male chastity cock cages have smaller penises?

This is not a scientific post but it is my opinion that guys who wear a male chastity cage do have smaller penises.  How many guys with a big cock are going to allow a woman or another man to force them to wear a male chastity cage? Men with smaller penises tend to be less dominant by nature, more submissive and do to the lack of size more feminine. I have seen many men who wear a cock cage, men who are treated like slaves and men who willingly submit to wearing a malechastity cage. The one thing many of them have in common is that they have below average sized penises and in many cases they have very tiny penises. Some of the smallest cocks I have ever seen on both gay and straight guys have been little one and two inches securely locked away. These men in general seem more docile and though I have not done any research on the subject I will venture a guess that a man who is dominated will most likely have lower testosterone production than a typical man.  Some of the get-togethers I have been to with male chastity men feature a lot of unusual sex acts. Straight men having anal sex is getting much more main stream today but in male chastity training men have been subjected to anal sex forever. It is part of the training and some masters, mistresses, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends use it has a form of humiliation. I can tell you from experience that it is very effective for training but it is also an interesting way for men subjected to chastity to have sex. Many men find that having an orgasm from anal sex is much more intense and pleasurable than having vaginal or oral sex. I am also not saying that all men with small penises are ready or willing to subject themselves to chastity and yes there are many men with average to very large cocks that are subjected either by force or willing so to live a life of chastity. The point is that from the hundreds of men I have seen and met who practice male chastity many more of them tend to have a smaller penis with a high percentage have tiny penises that are way below the norm.

Chastity slave ready for house work!