Saturday, July 19, 2014

Getting caught with a Male chastity cage

I was in my works rest room the other day at the urinal. I work at a large company and there are five urinals in the bathroom closet to my office and many bathrooms throughout the building. I have been wearing a male chastity cage at my wife’s request, make that her orders for many years and sometimes you just forget it’s on. That happened to me when I was talking to a friend of mine when we were in the rest room at work. I am not sure if I turned a little or he just took a look down there but all of a sudden he said what is that on your cock! I had on a clear plastic male chastity cage and I was peeing through it, something I do many times a day but he caught me completely by surprise.  I was so shocked I did not know what to say. I had been using a male chastity cage for years and up to this moment I never even come close to being caught. Looking back it is a miracle that no one had even seen it on me. The only thing I could think of at the time was telling him the truth. My wife is very jealous and she is always accusing me of cheating with other women. She wanted me to wear this and the truth is it has been much better since. That is total bull shit he said. I would never let a woman put that on my cock, what type of man are you? I guess I am the type that would allow it.  I than asked him to please not say anything to anyone else. I was almost pleading and I would have given him a blow job if I had to, to keep him from talking. Don’t worry about it he said I don’t want people to ask why I was looking at your cock. Now that he said that I think I will try to figure out why he was looking at my cock!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Male chastity cage for myself

I was reading this blog and a few others and most of the posts seem to be either about men who are forced into wearing a male chastity cage or women or other men who decide to order a male chastity cage for their man. I think many of these blogs are missing out on the fact that there are many guys just like me who want to order and wear a cock cage just for the pleasure, the sensation and the discipline of wearing one. Many of us just cannot keep our hands of our cock during the day and wearing a cock cage makes all the difference in the world. I have seen and even joined a group online and I am a member of a bondage group in North Hollywood. Many of the guys wear cock cages that they have picked out and they wear them because they want to. That is the group I fall into. I wear my male chastity cage by choice, my choice. My girlfriend is fine with my choice but it would be her problem if she was not because I would still want to wear it. In my group of guys that wear cages we have men who are gay, straight and bisexual. Choosing chastity does not have much to do with sexual orientation. We have show and tell and will even try each other’s cages out. In my group there are fifteen guys and a large age spread from early twenties to late sixties. All of us are completely shaved as I would say most men who are truly into male chastity are. We even have group meetings where we bring our significant others. We also get experts on male chastity in to lead discussions and for additional training. Last week we had a girl in who not only discussed prostate milking but showed us on her slave and then offered to do it to each one of us so we could see how it should feel done correctly. Every one of us accepted the offer and it was an educational and at the same time an erotic experience. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Male chastity cage and feminizing men

Wearing a male chastity cage was just the first step in my training. My wife ordered my first male chastity cage about three years ago and has ordered six more since then. There is one for every day of the week and she never lets me out without wearing a cock cage. Unlike many men who go willing into chastity I was forced into it. My wife is very dominant and takes great pleasure in controlling everything in my life with extra pleasure when it comes to the little bit of sex she allows me. She gets a real sense of her power by teaching me the rules, her rules of male chastity. Feminizing men is not new to male chastity though there are not many of us who are forced into it. One day I came home from work and she told me that not only was I not much of a husband but I was not much of a man. That brought tears to my eyes. She looked into my eyes and said it is time to bring out the real you. You have always been such a sissy and I have decided that from now on I will make you into the sissy of my dreams. I was not sure what she meant until she had me take off my clothes and male cock cage. I was told to take a shower and has she watched I was forced to shave all the hair on my legs, chest and all my pubic hair. You are already starting to look like a girl she said. I got out and dried off she gave me what looked like a pair of panties. This is your new swimsuit she said. It was a male to female transformation swimsuit by Koala I found out later. She had me put it on and it completely erased any indication of me having a penis and reshaped it into a vagina. I am not going to wear this I look just like a girl I said. That’s the point and don’t even think about not doing something I ask she said. I was told she bought a number of different feminizing designs and that I would be wearing them when we go swimming at her friend’s house, when we go to the beach and I would be wearing them as underwear when she allowed me to go without a male chastity cage. My wife loved me looking like a young girl and at the beach sometimes men would mistake me for a girl laying out topless which turned my wife on even more. We recently went to a chastity/bondage meeting in town and I found out that there were other men in the group that were in different stages of being a forced sissy. All my wife’s friends have been told I am now a sissy and to treat me like one. All the guys know it and they also now about the male chastity cock cages. We do have some friends into the male chastity lifestyle but most are not. The girls are much more interested in it and most of the guys think I am pathetic for letting her treat me this way. I am truly now a sissy. At the last pool party we went to my wife let some of the men there touch my vagina lips. My vagina lips are my balls compressed and split by the suit to form lips and they do look virtually the same as a real women’s pussy. Guys were rubbing me like they were trying to bang me with encouragement from my wife. She had a girlfriend who had a few drinks do the same to me and as she was rubbing she slid her other finger inside my ass. Oh I guess it’s in the wrong hole as the two of them had a good laugh.

Monday, July 7, 2014

My wife bought me a male chastity cage part 2

Oh that was so much fun she said. It sounded and felt like you enjoyed yourself I said with a smile. How long do I have to wear the male chastity cage I asked.  We will talk about that after I am finished with you as she walked out of the room and into the bathroom. She was back in a couple of minutes and I was truly shocked this time. She had on a strap-on dildo about 5” long and a tube of lube in her hands. What are you doing I asked. You she said. What do you mean? I am going to fuck you in the ass this time, you always get to do me and I have always wanted to try this on you. Your ass is lovely and I think you will enjoy it. She was on me in an instant while I was saying no you are not going to do that to me she started eating out my hole. That was the first time ever and all of a sudden my cock started to get hard but the male chastity cage made sure I could not. Just enjoy it she said, this has nothing to do with your cock but I guarantee you will have an orgasm as she slid one finger than two inside of me. This was also a first and I clinched hard on her fingers not having anything inside of me since the doctor checked me. I definitely did not have an orgasm that time. Relax she said, push out like you are trying to go to the bathroom. I did and it immediately felt better. You are purring like a kitten she said as she pulled her fingers out. She slid up to me and said baby suck my cock. By this time there was nothing left to say this is what she wanted and I wanted to make her happy. I started sucking her cock like she does mine. She started giving me orders like a guy. Go deeper, suck harder, lick my balls. As I was sucking her cock I moved the belt to the side to see there was a dildo held in place deep inside her pussy. She was dripping wet again.  I thought she was completely satisfied until she pulled the cock out of my mouth and said it was time to fuck me.

Continued part 3

Swimwear/underwear with built in butt plug for male chastity ass sex training.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Help my wife bought me a Male chastity cage!

I had no idea last week when my wife surprised me with what she said was a gift. It was a male chastity cage! I asked what it was for never seeing anything like it. She explained what it was for and how it was used. My first thought was why did you buy me a male chastity cage and what did I do wrong that she wanted to put a cage on my cock? Oh honey you did not do anything wrong I was reading a book the other day which talked about these sorts of things and I thought it would be fun. She came up to me and started kissing me and rubbing my cock through my pants. Needless to say I stopped thinking about the cock cage. She eased my pants off and underwear off. She took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. I was hard instantly and in another minute she had her clothes off and was on top of me with my cock planted firmly inside her ass hole. Doing it in her ass is a special treat but she had lube right there and got everything nice and lubed before I stuck it in. She was pounding on my extremely hard cock. She came and then I blew a load inside of her. She got off me and wiped me down with a wet towel. Now let’s try the cage and by then I was too exhausted to argue about it. She fitted the cage over my now tiny cock and I heard the lock snap shut. All of a sudden I had this heavy metal male chastity cage locked on my cock and she had the key. It looks great she said as she starred down and checked out her handy work. Now it’s time for me to have some fun. She got on top of me again and almost smothered me with her pussy pushing it into my mouth so hard and forcing me to eat it like it was my last supper. It did not take long before she was filling me with her juices. I could barely breath but she was having such intense orgasms I knew I had to go on.

Continued next post

Monday, June 23, 2014

Male chastity cage and my boyfriend

My boyfriend was cheating on me with other guys from the start but I still loved him and yes he was hot. He loved me to but said he could not help himself. Guys would throw themselves at him which was true because that would happen even when we were together at parties. He was the ultimate party boy. He would wear little G-strings in front of other guys and he loved to have sex at parties. He would have blow him in front of the other guys and sometimes he would fuck me or I would fuck him in front of the other guys. He is a total exhibitionist. I needed to have some control over his cock and one day a girlfriend of ours, Jen suggested I buy a male chastity cage for him. Have you ever used one on a guy I asked and she said many times, I always thought she was a little bit of a dom. I said I have no idea what to get and how to use one. No problem she said I am taking out a friend tonight that wears a male chastity cage and if you like I can stop by and show you. That sounded great to me since I love seeing other guys cocks especially straight guys. I asked if she thought he might be uncomfortable in front of me because I am gay. Not at all, she said, he will do anything I ask.  That evening Jen came by with Joel, Joel was a very young very good looking guy I would say in his early twenties. I whispered in her ear, he is beautiful how long have the two of you been dating. She smiled and said he is just one of the guys she dates but that yes he is truly hot.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Male chastity cage no longer a man?

First my girlfriend wanted me to get a male chastity cage because it turned her on. It was one male chastity cage than another and another until we had a very nice collection and I found my cock being caged just about every waking moment. One thing led to another and I started finding these unusual swimsuits and underwear designs laying around. At first I thought they were for her but one night she let me cock free from the cage and it was not because she wanted sex which was what happened almost every time my cock was freed. I should go into a little more detail and say she did not want any type of sex I was familiar with. The new spandex suits were male to female transformation designs and without going into to many details they change your penis to a very realistic vagina. These designs are also known as male pussy suits and as it turns out they completely cancel out any idea of you being a man down there. The ones she ordered for me hide the penis shaft by compressing it and holding it in place and then the suits reshape the balls into a small but very sexy vagina with a slight camel toe.  It turned out she wanted to have sex with me as a girl. I had never had anal sex performed on me though I had performed it often on my girlfriend.  I was nervous about doing it but it was not really an option to say no, it was what she wanted to do. She gave me an enema and then put the suit on me. It really did look like I had a pussy and I felt like I was no longer a man. By then she had on a small strap on and said not to worry that she had larger ones waiting. She slid the thong part out of the way and loaded my hole with lube. She insisted that I act like a girl having sex for the first time and treating her like the man. It was interesting that it felt that way. Once she penetrated me I felt like my extremely tight hole was being used for the first time. It was painful and I cried a little which made her push in deeper. I told her how big her cock felt inside of me and I was amazed that after a while it not only felt good but I had an orgasm. I wonder now if I will be spending more time as a girl and less time wearing a male chastity cage, either way it all turns her on.