Thursday, December 18, 2014

Male chastity cage and pubic plucking

My wife and I are in a chastity group in Hollywood made up of both men and women who are into the chastity lifestyle. Most of the slaves in our group are the men all of which wear a male chastity cage though there are a few women slaves and they all wear chastity belts. I’m not sure what it is about chastity but almost everyone I have met who is into the lifestyle are almost always free of pubic hair. Most of us were just shaved but one of the girl slaves was showing off how smooth she was and the other girls wanted to know if she was getting waxed. No she told us. I pluck my pubic hair with tweezers and as you can see the results are fantastic. Some of the girls thought that would be perfect for the men who wear a male chastity cage and decided plucking would become a group activity. We meet once a week and now as part of the get together we pluck each other’s pubic hair. I have hade mine plucked by men and women and I have plucked other men and women. Each week we put our name into a jar and our masters and mistresses pull them out. It works out well because while I am plucking a slave someone else is plucking me and it is all in front of one another. It is sexual but it is not and in some ways it is another form of control. Most men and women get aroused while we are getting plucked since on the men all the pubic hair is plucked including the shaft and balls. When doing the girls we have to do lips too. We all get wet but we do not get to do anything about it, again we are being watched closely. I have had men cum on me while I am working on their shafts but it is not because I am stroking them. The girls get so wet and it gets all over your hands. I would love to slide my fingers inside them along with my tongue and cock but we are not allowed to go there. In many ways it is almost a form of psychological and physical torture. The upside is that I am so smooth for so long that my wife has me plucking her too. Of course that happens only at our house. Upside there is that she gets so turned on by it that I actually get to fuck her which is rare in our relationship, most of the time it is her using a strap-on dildo on me!

Sorry no models today. Just me wearing some fetish spandex wear from Koala swim with a built in metal anal stretcher plug. This plug offers a nice peek a boo view inside of me. There is a larger plug I am working on using but my wife wants me to take it slow so I don't hurt myself. Once I get that in the view will be like a movie!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I need a very small male chastity cage!

Not many men admit it when they have a small penis and even fewer if they have a truly tiny penis. I have no choice but to admit it especially when I am shopping for a new male chastity cage. I have what most people would consider a very tiny penis for an adult male. Flaccid it is less than 1” and fully hard under three inches. It is not only small in length but very thin. My mistress says it is the smallest cock she has ever seen and at times when she is angry with me she says that I should have been born a woman since I am 90% of the way there. That would be very humiliating if it were not true. She forces me as part of my training to wear a male chastity cage and I have become accustomed to wearing them to the point that I derive pleasure from wearing a beautiful cock cage that will get me complements. My sexual pleasure consists of my mistress and her friends both male and female performing anal sex on me. This is something that was new to me when I came to her but I have eagerly worked on getting better at it and being able to offer the men who make love to me the most pleasure I can. Having anal sex was part of my chastity training and lucky for me my mistress let me continue with it even though she knew I enjoyed it. I am too small to give pleasure to a female with vaginal or anal sex but I do very well with and enjoy giving oral sex. A few of the men I service for my mistress claim to be completely straight but will at times ask her if they can give me oral. She will remove my cage for this because she enjoys watching. I like getting oral from anyone since it is about the only way short of prostate massage which is performed on me twice a week to cum from cock stimulation. My mistress has asked these straight men why they like to suck another man’s cock and the answer is always the same. These men do not view me as man and they actually consider me a T-girl. I can understand that many men would consider me feminine. I am always completely hairless. I have had laser hair removal done for all my pubic hair and by being both extremely small and completely clean down there it does look feminine.  My build is on the small size, muscular but with a nice full bubble butt. Some guys tell me they view my cock as a large clit. If that turns them on I am fine with that. Like I said earlier I enjoy wearing a male chastity cage and I want them to be pretty. I want it to look like I am wearing cock jewelry. Finding cock cages small enough for me to wear is a challenge. Some are short enough but few are narrow enough. There is no value to buying a cock cage that is going to fall off. My balls are small too as you might have guessed so finding one with a small enough cock ring is a must. I have purchased some very nice cages from The Male Chastity Store and Koalaswim online. Many of their products seem to be geared to men with smaller cocks. I have had a few custom ones made in Germany. The companies I deal with there needed me to send measurements and photos because they were sure I was mistaken wanting a cock cage so small. I went as far as showing my shaft and balls using close up photos and a tape measure so they could see the actual size. It is not all bad one of the guys at a company in Germany was so turned on by my little cock he offered to fly me out there and have me stay with him if I would let him play with my cock. He literally begged me to come and said if I did my cock would be in his mouth most of the time, funny thing was he was married. I guess the really small cocks turn on straight guys.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The male chastity cage comes off but things go from bad to worse! Part 2

As a matter of fact I am meeting some of my friends at the gym this evening. Great I’m coming she said and maybe I will have some of my friends join me. This was my chest and bicep workout, most of the time I was going to be on a bench with my cock almost fully exposed, everyone would be able to see everything and the truth was I was not sure I could keep myself from getting hard with all the hot bodies around. I find that most of the time it is not a worry for me because the male chastity cage keeps me from getting hard. Wearing the skin tight spandex with nothing on underneath them almost seemed like a recipe for humiliation in front of my friends, strangers and worst of all Cindy. I was about to change my mind and ask Cindy to put the male chastity cage back but almost as though she was reading my mind Cindy asked if I was going to chicken out. You are not man enough to go through with it she said. I coolly looked at her and said of course I was going to wear them and that I hadn’t given it a second thought. Now my mind was made up. My workout might end up being humiliating wearing next to nothing in front of all the guys and girls at the gym but it would be even more of a humiliation if I succumbed  to my fears and showed Cindy how right she actually was. With my tights on and completely molded to my body I went into the bedroom and tried to find a matching black tank that would cover my pouch. No such luck the longest shirt came just up to the pouch resting right on top of it. I guess it would hide a little but the bulk of it, not that there was much to see anyway was still on display. I put my shoes on and then thought a little light workout jacket might do the trick and grabbed that. Jason you can wear that to the gym but once inside it comes off, even better you will leave it in the car. That idea did not go very far. I went into the other room and waited for Cindy. To my surprise she came out wearing a pair of skin tight spandex and just a tight little sport bra. She looked amazing and I told her so. Why haven’t you used those before I asked? In a moment of candor she told me she did not think her body was good enough to wear slinky tights but that seeing me in them inspired her to do the same. I could see  she was not wearing anything underneath and you could just make out the shape of her vagina, just a hint of camel toe. It was very sexy and I already felt like I was getting a little erect. Back to normal Cindy as she looked over at me and said at least they are having the right effect on you!

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The male chastity cage comes off but things go from bad to worse!

I just recently purchased a pair of running tights to wear under my shorts. Many men wear only the tights and a top to run in but they are skin tight and show everything which might just be a little too risqué for me. I love the way they look on women and I was excited about getting a pair. My wife Cindy took one look at them and asked if I bought them in the women’s department. No lots of guys wear these I told her. How are you going to wear them with your male chastity cage she asked?  I wanted to talk to you about that I said. These are skin tight and even though I am planning on wearing shorts over them they would not be very comfortable with a male chastity cage being crushed underneath. Cindy thought about it for a minute and said let me take off your cock cage and you can try on the tights for me. I took off all my clothing and had her remove the cock cage. I slipped on the tights and they really were skin tight. They fit me beautifully. Wow you can totally see how small your cock is , turn around and let me see the rear. I did and she said that I looked just like a girl. Your ass really does look nice in those. No one is going to see my ass I am going to wear shorts over them. Well you have a choice to make Cindy stated.  If you are going to wear shorts over them you will have to wear your cock cage. I will let you go without a cock cage if you decide to wear the tights by themselves. This is typical Cindy controlling everything about my life. Wearing the tights by themselves would be like going to the gym or going for a run naked! Wearing shorts over the tights but also wearing a male chastity cage would be torture. I am relatively sure she would think that I would not have the balls to wear tights by themselves out in public and I would opt to wear the cock cage. I decided in spite of my shyness I would go ahead and wear the tights alone. Jason let me know when you are going to the gym I want to make sure and be there. She pulled me close to her and started to rub my cock through the spandex. I got hard instantly. How are you ever going to keep that little cock from getting hard when you work out she said and walked away laughing. I think it was her intent is to humiliate me in front of my friends and most likely strangers too.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

If you are wearing a male chastity cage it is best to be completely shaved.

I was recently fitted for my first male chastity cage and my boyfriend told me to shave it all off before trying on the different male chastity cage designs we found at a very interesting fetish store in San Francisco. I decided to leave my pubic hair natural and at the store the nice young man helping us agreed with my boyfriend that I should have shaved. He told us most men that wear a male chastity cage tend to keep the area completely free of hair. Most feel it looks better and is easier to keep clean he said. While he was helping me put on the very first cage one of my pubes got caught u in the cock cage and was pulled out. Ouch was all I could say. That is another reason to keep completely shaved. We purchased two cock cages and when we got home I jumped right into the shower with shaving cream and a razor. I was a little nervous about shaving it all off. I am thirty years old and it as been a long time since I was hairless. I already look young and I was wondering what the guys at the gym would think of me looking like a preteen though lately I have noticed a lot of men going completely hairless a trend I am sure has been pushed by the ladies. I got to work trying to get it all off. It felt so unusual being baby smooth. When I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror I could not believe it. I looked so young. My boyfriend walked in and said that looks tasty. Before I knew it he was done there feasting on my little completely shaved cock. What about the chastity cage I asked? He released my cock for a second to say there will be plenty of time for than!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wearing a male chastity cage with a penis plug part 2

Wearing a male chastity cage with a penis plug part 2
Sorry Ray but you are not putting any of those in my cock, you have no idea how to use them I said figuring that would be enough to stop the craziness. You are right he said but I have another surprise for you. Jamie is coming over to show us how to use them. I did not need to ask if she knew how because she is not only a RN with a major Urologists office here in Los Angeles but she is truly a sexually twisted little freak. You would never know it by looking at her because she is as cute as a button, great body and super sweet but she is never the less a total freak. I have heard stories from her and her friends both male and female about her exploits. Even by my extreme standards she has done some truly spectacular sexual feats. She loves to fist and be fisted, she understands how to perform anal sex as well as any man. I know I let her use a strap on dildo on me a few times after she promised it would be amazing, she did not disappoint. She will be here in a few minutes Ray said. I am not sure I am up to this and having Jamie fuck with my little penis! Don’t worry Ray said, you know she loves sex and will make sure that you enjoy it.  When Jamie arrived I was so nervous. In typical Jamie fashion she came over and gave me a big kiss and pushed me onto the couch. Let’s get down to business she said and told me to take my clothes off. Wait a second Jamie that looks like it will hurt and I said have you ever done this? Yes she said. Yes to what I asked? Yes it will hurt and yes I have done it many times. At our office they call it urethra stretching others for fun call it sounding. It will both hurt and feel good. Ray said he bought you a male chastity cage with a penis plug can I see it? Ray brought it over and Jamie said you will never get this on comfortably without hurting yourself unless I stretch you. Don’t worry I know what I am doing. I was not eager to try it but Jamie started taking off my clothes and said she would be gentle. She removed my shirt, pants and underwear and had my lay back. She asked Ray to bring her some water based lube and went into the kitchen and heated up the metal rods to make sure they were disinfected. After she heated them under a flame she wiped them down with alcohol. Before I start with the smallest sound I need to get your penis lubricated on the inside. She told me to lift my legs and she put a little lube on my shaft and balls and started stroking me. Ray was watching with a big smile. Jamie looked very serious squeezing the tip of my penis for pre-cum. Not enough she said and put more lube on her finer and inserted it in my rectum. She rubbed down there and presided to stimulate my prostate gland. No look how much flow you have. The pre-cum was pouring out of me. It is now well lubricated. She walked into the bathroom to wash her hands with hot water and came back. Are you ready to try it she asked as she held up my tiny wet penis? It won’t hurt too much I asked? No it is not that bad I have had my own urethra stretched before using sound rods and I actually enjoy it. I did not even know girls could do it!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Wearing a male chastity cage with penis plug.

I have been wearing a male chastity cage now for over four years. My first male chastity cage was a gift from a friend but once my boyfriend at the time Ray who is now my husband had me try it on, my collection of cock cages started to grow and grow.  Sexual denial was something I had been interested in for a long time. I loved the idea of having my cock locked away all day long away from my hands and the hands of other temptations. Sometimes Ray will make me go days without sex and once I am released from the cage my orgasms are off the chart intense. As I have progressed to more and often scary extreme devices we have added additional types of locks. I use a number of different ass locks with my male chastity cage designs, most of which work very well with an ass spark. I think I have the entire collection of Koala Ass Spark designs. It takes getting use to wearing something plugging up your ass all day long but after a while I did get very into to wearing them. The Ass Sparks can be as small as 1 ¾” balls all the way up to multiple balls and even trailer hitch style huge plugs. Once you have any of the Ass Spark styles on followed by a male chastity cage you can no longer touch the penis or have anything inserted into your hole like a nice large warm sexy cock or a very wet tongue. Nothing goes and nothing comes out you are completely  plugged up and your cock is no longer functional for anything other than urinating. The balls can be handled by the fact is most men who wear cock cages do not want their balls touched while in a cage. If the penis starts to get hard inside the cage it is very uncomfortable.  The other day Ray gave me a girt. I had no idea what it was but when I opened it I could see it was a very extreme male chastity cage. Always turned on by sex toys and cock gear I was excited until I noticed the plug on the inside of the cage. To put this cage on you need to lubricate both your urethra and the metal tube. This metal tube was relatively thick, hollow and about three inches long. Ray this looks like it goes inside of my penis I exclaimed with some real trepidation. Do worry he said I will get you ready to wear it and walked to the other room to grab something I had never seen before. What is that I said? This is a Toolmed Sounding Kit.

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